In 2020, you"d more than likely never intend to hear "OJ Simpson" and "Super Bowl" discussed in the same sentence. After ~ all, OJ Simpson hasn"t played football in decades. He"s infamously known as the guy who was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Even during his work as well known football player "the Juice," Simpson never ever made it come the at sight Bowl.

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However, surprisingly, the NFL honored the controversial former football star throughout Super key LIV. Because that the NFL"s centennial anniversary, they emphasize 100 of the greatest players from the very first 100 year of the organization — Simpson was among them.

Viewers to be in pure disbelief. Twitter usually exploded after ~ Simpson"s name and photo showed up on the screen. While many honorees were on the field for the pregame ceremony, Simpson was nowhere to it is in found. Here"s just how he ended up being honored for the NFL 100 and also why the didn"t display up because that the occasion.

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In situation you somehow haven"t heard the story, OJ Simpson was uncovered not guilty of death his ex-wife in 1995 ~ an extremely high-profile police chase and trial. He to be later uncovered guilty of wrongful death in civil court and ordered to salary $35 million in damages.

Decades prior to Simpson came to be one of the many infamous and controversial murder defendants of all time, he to be a significant football player through multiple awards and records under his belt. Simpson spent many of his NFL career through the Buffalo Bills, however he additionally played with the san Francisco 49ers because that one season prior to retiring indigenous the NFL in 1979. Ironically, the 49ers taken place to be one of the groups who play in Super key LIV.

It"s clear that Simpson"s soccer career and murder trial will forever be intertwined. Situation in point? He had actually to auction turn off his Heisman Trophy to assist pay the $35 million in damages. Regardless of Simpson"s actions top up to, during, and also after his trial, the NFL has always been quite quiet on the subject of their previous star player. For the reason, his inclusion in the NFL 100 at Super bowl LIV generated mixed feelings. 

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OJ Simpson showed up briefly on-screen throughout the Super key LIV pregame ceremony for the NFL 100. He was honored alongside other legendary running backs, like previous Los Angeles Rams star Eric Dickerson and current Arizona Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald. It"s no clear why the NFL determined this minute to recognize Simpson"s athletic achievements despite his reputation, but the 100 players were liked by a panel of NFL coaches, former players, and also members of the media. 

It all taken place so quickly that it virtually could have actually slipped v unnoticed — if only hundreds of millions that viewers weren"t watching. Part fans on social media to be in shock: "Did lock really just put OJ up there as among the greats?" one person tweeted. Others poked fun at the NFL because that it. "NFL 100 placed OJ Simpson in the edge next come Larry Fitzgerald and also hoped nobody would notice," said Twitter user Joshua Brisco.

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As the news spread, human being zoomed in on the field to watch if Simpson was existing alongside the other greats — the wasn"t. "Why didn"t OJ Simpson make the reduced to be on the ar with the NFL 100? He had actually a killer career," Washington Times columnist Tim Young wrote.

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If the NFL to be willing to it is in so bold regarding include OJ Simpson in their list of the 100 best players, why didn"t he display up for the honor? The brand-new York Post reports the it may be concerned his criminal charges. Simpson saw jail in 2008 because that robbery, and he was released on special amnesty in 2017. He at this time lives in ras Vegas, Nev., and also is only permitted brief trips to Florida come visit his family. Even though the Super bowl was hosted in Miami, Fla. This year, a trip to the supervisor Bowl probably wasn"t parole approved. 

However, Simpson is on Twitter. He developed the account in 2019 and also has virtually one million followers. The hasn"t commented on his NFL 100 honor, but, v all the uproar, it"s tough to imagine the he didn"t watch it. 

Prior come the big game, Simpson said he"d it is in rooting because that his previous team, the 49ers. However, after the final play, Simpson uploaded a video clip congratulating the Kansas City Chiefs on their win.