Voted “Most most likely to succeed” in high school, it is safe to say the Tiger Woods to be surely destined because that greatness at a young age.

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In 1994, Tiger Woods i graduated from western High School. Woods walk on to research at Stanford University and became a experienced golfer in 1996. The future to be bright because that the young star, and he was established to do a name for self in the golfing world.

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Tiger’s enthusiasm for golf began at a young age. This passion preceded him to come to be one of the world’s most popular golf players who have ever existed.

Golf was his passion at a young age, and his childhood dreams turned into reality.

Child Prodigy

Before the civilization knew him as Tiger Woods, Eldrick Tont Woods to be the young child of Kultida and also Earl.

What Driver walk Tiger Woods Use?

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What Is Tiger Woods’ everyday Routine?

His afri American father and Thai mom welcomed your son into the world on December 30, 1975. Woods’ father started teaching that the video game of golf.

Tiger to be a quick learner. In ~ the age of 8, he made his tv debut on an excellent Morning America and other tv shows alike.

As that aged, his talent became an ext apparent come others. That was only a matter of time until the world took an alert of the young aspiring talent, Tiger Woods.

Road to Success

“Tiger’s shown the youngsters a job-related ethic of just how to get better at golf.” These space the native of many tigers high college golf coach, Don Crosby.

You have the right to tell by the method his previous coach speaks around the young Tiger that he make a substantial impact ~ above his high institution golf team, the west Pioneers.

You deserve to watch the interview with Tiger and Don below. The 2 talk about the west Pioneers and what was next for the high school golf team.

As a junior in high school, Woods won his first-ever Championship in 1991. This was the very first major milestone for the 15-year-old. Among many, as he would soon discover out.

A year later, the went on to play ~ above the PGA Tour. These success were unmatched for who of his age.

Five years later, he would certainly go on to win his very first Masters Tournament. In 1997, in ~ the period of 21, Tiger winner the competition by a document 12 strikes.

This success made the the first African American man, and the youngest man to earn this victory.

This was just the start of his record-breaking career. Remaining true come his high college golfing roots, Tiger ongoing to win 13 much more majors.

The Winnings

Tiger’s hard work was start to salary off together he take it the golfing civilization by storm. He also had a term called after him, the ‘Tiger Slam’ as result of his accomplishments.

With 18 people Golf Championships under his belt, Tiger Woods is the golf sensation of this generation. He likewise defended his PGA tourism title 24 times.

More success complied with Tiger over the following 12 years as he was called the PGA Player that the Year 10 times. That is now tied with Sam Snead’s record of 82 PGA tourism wins.

Tiger has completed a sensational 20 holes in one, with three of them gift on the PGA Tour.

He additionally broke the record of Byron Nelson by do the cut in 142 continually events.

In 2019, Woods do a exceptional comeback. He won a significant championship, the 2019 Masters. It was his an initial major victory in 11 years.

Time did no seem to phase the golf talent. Tiger claims that that “still gets chills” looking back on his long-awaited victory.

Tiger was also presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which recognized him as an outstanding contributor come the national interests of the unified States.

High institution Hero

Tiger has actually come a long method since 1994, in west High School. He remains one of the best in the game.

Woods shows that difficult work and also dedication yes, really does pay off. His occupational ethic was obvious at a young age.

From motivating his other high school teammates to inspiring the world.

It is without a doubt that Tiger will be remembered because that his exceptional accomplishments.

As well as being the very first African American to achieve many that them.

With a long list of achievements and a story of humble beginnings, Tiger is proof that anyone can accomplish their dreams.

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Tiger Woods’s legacy will forever live ~ above in western High School. And also will forever live top top in the golfing world.