IIRC, just Bushmaster and also Colt make barrels using 4150 steel. Everyone else supplies 4140 steel. (This correct?)So what’s the big difference in between 4140 and also 4150? go it make a difference when shoot full-auto vs. Semi-auto? does 4150 last much longer than 4140?

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actually, temperature yongin is basically the very same for both steels.4140 has slightly lower carbon content than 4150, making it slightly much less hard/lower tensile strength. Open minded the composition difference in between them is much less of a element in this situation then just how they were warmth treated. 4150 is a bit more complicated to device than 4140, i m sorry is why the used much less frequently.On a helpful level, both are much more than adequite for the project of being a rifle barrel. With a chromed bore, wear/throat erosion will be the exact same for either. Without, ns would provide the edge come the 4150 yet you would be difficult pressed to tell the difference in the genuine world.4150 is mil-spec... If the does any type of thing for you...-Spaceman
4140 has actually a .40% carbon content while 4150 had a .50% carbon. The 4 means chromium and also the 1 means 1% of that alloy. The 4150 might be hardened more since the has more carbon i m sorry would additionally mean it would certainly have an ext tensile toughness (don"t know how this affect its capability to take care of heat much better but I"m certain it go somehow).
4140 - Chemistry (%):Carbon 0.38 - 0.43Chromium 0.8 - 1.1Iron BalanceManganese 0.75 - 1Molybdenum 0.15 - 0.25Phosphorus 0.035 maxSilicon 0.15 - 0.35Sulphur o.04 maxPhysical Properties:Density (lb / cu. In.) 0.28Specific gravity 7.83Specific warm (Btu/lb/Deg F - <32-212 Deg F>) 0.114Melting suggest (Deg F) 2580Thermal Conductivity 23Mean Coeff Thermal development 7Modulus the Elasticity tension 334150 -Chemsitry (%):Carbon 0.48 - 0.53Chromium 0.8 - 1.1Iron BalanceManganese 0.75 - 1Molybdenum 0.15 - 0.25Phosphorus 0.035 maxSilicon 0.15 - 0.35Sulphur 0.04 maxPhystical Properties:Density (lb / cu. In.) 0.284Specific heaviness 7.8Specific heat (Btu/lb/Deg F - <32-212 Deg F>) 0.113Melting point (Deg F) 2600Thermal Conductivity 23Mean Coeff Thermal development 7Modulus the Elasticity stress and anxiety 30
an excellent info Hopophile. So if they are so close come each various other then where did this theory of 4150 managing heat far better come from? I understand those numbers don"t give any type of properties the the steel after being heat treated however I don"t see exactly how that would impact it much anyways (the 4150 would certainly be a little stronger yet what walk that need to do with dealing with heat)?
Quoted:Good details Hopophile. So if they space so close come each various other then wherein did this concept of 4150 handling heat far better come from?
There room some differences in specific heat and melting point, even if they room small. Bascially the difference is the the army requires 4150, and some locations save a tiny money by making use of 4140.
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