Architecture of a micro computer or a micro controller describes the plan of the CPU through respect that the RAM and ROM. Hence, the Von-Neuman and also Harvard design are the two methods through which the micro controller can have its arrangement of the CPU with RAM and ROM.

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Difference in between Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture

Point the ComparisonHarvard ArchitectureVon Neumann ArchitectureArrangementIn Harvard architecture, the CPU is connected with both the data storage (RAM) and program memory (ROM), separately.
Hardware requirementsIt requires more hardware because it will be requiring separate data and deal with bus for each memory.In contrast to the Harvard architecture, this requires much less hardware since only a usual memory needs to be reached.Space requirementsThis requires an ext space.Von-Neumann design requires less space.Speed of executionSpeed that execution is faster due to the fact that the processor fetches data and also instructions concurrently .Speed that execution is slower since it can not fetch the data and also instructions in ~ the exact same time.Space usageIt outcomes in wastage of room since if the space is left in the data storage then the instructions storage cannot use the space of the data memory and also vice-versa.Space is no wasted because the room of the data memory can be made use of by the instructions memory and vice-versa.ControllingControlling becomes facility since data and also instructions are to it is in fetched simultaneously.Controlling becomes simpler due to the fact that either data or instructions room to be fetched in ~ a time.

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