In my food we are told the molecular geometry considers only atoms as component of the shape, while electronic geometry considers atoms and electrons as component of the shape. However, i can"t find any difference between the two shapes for methane online. All i can uncover is this:


It confuses me that there can even be another shape because that this due to the fact that isn"t the molecule geometry already take into consideration the truth that every molecular wants to it is in as far away native one an additional as possible? What is the difference in shape in between electronic and molecular geometry?


Molecular geometry which is the arrangement of various other atoms about that main atom.

the difference between Electron geometry and Molecular geometry is the electron geometry consists of the **lone pairs or electron about the center ** they still influence the in its entirety geometry but when we name the shape of a molecule.

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as in situation of like central atom having no lone lone pair the that situation the Molecular and also electron geometry of that atom would b same ; else because of presence of lone pair there would certainly b generation the a bent

thats why Methane has same Molecular and also Electron geometry hope it proved valuable fr u


The geometry of a molecule have the right to be offered as one of two people the electron geometry or the molecule geometry. The VSEPR theory (Valence shell Electron Pair Repulsion theory) deserve to be supplied to determine the geometries that molecules. Electron geometry contains the lone electron pairs present in a molecule.

Example:In NH3 ; very same Molecular and Electron framework ; however in instance of NH2. Molecular and also electron geometry different. Due to the fact that CH4 secure it have actually same molecular and also electron structure.Hope that would help you


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