What is one if-else statement?

An if-else explain in C programming is a conditional statement that executes a different set of statements based on the condition that is true or false. The "if" block will certainly be enforcement only once the specified condition is true, and if the specified condition is false, climate the else block will certainly be executed.

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Syntax that if-else statement is offered below:

What is a move statement?

A switch statement is a conditional statement supplied in C programming to examine the worth of a variable and also compare it v all the cases. If the value is suitable with any kind of case, then its corresponding statements will certainly be executed. Each case has part name or number known as the identifier. The value entered by the user will be contrasted with every the instances until the situation is found. If the value gotten in by the user is not matched with any case, climate the default statement will certainly be executed.

Syntax that the move statement is offered below:

switch(expression) case consistent 1: // statements; break; case consistent 2: // statements; break; case constant n: // statements; break; default:// statements;

Similarity b/w if-else and switch

Both the if-else and also switch are the decision-making statements. Here, decision-making statements mean that the calculation of the expression will certainly decide i m sorry statements space to be executed.

Differences b/w if-else and switch statement

The complying with are the differences in between if-else and switch explain are:



Based top top the an outcome of the expression in the "if-else" statement, the block the statements will be executed. If the condition is true, climate the "if" block will certainly be executed otherwise "else" block will execute.

Switch statement

The move statement contains multiple instances or choices. The user will decide the case, i m sorry is to execute.



It deserve to contain a solitary expression or multiple expressions because that multiple choices. In this, an expression is evaluated based on the range of values or conditions. It check both equality and logical expressions.


It contains only a single expression, and also this expression is either a single integer object or a cable object. The checks only equality expression.



An if-else statement deserve to evaluate nearly all the types of data such together integer, floating-point, character, pointer, or Boolean.


A switch statement deserve to evaluate one of two people an integer or a character.

Sequence that Execution


In the instance of "if-else" statement, one of two people the "if" block or the "else" block will be executed based upon the condition.


In the situation of the "switch" statement, one case after one more will it is in executed till the break keyword is no found, or the default declare is executed.

Default Execution


If the condition is not true in ~ the "if" statement, then by default, the rather block statements will be executed.


If the expression stated within the switch declare is not matched with any kind of of the cases, then the default statement, if defined, will be executed.



Values are based upon the condition specified within the "if" statement. The worth will decide one of two people the "if" or "else" block is to it is in executed.


In this case, worth is determined by the user. Based upon the choice of the user, the instance will it is in executed.



It evaluates a condition to it is in true or false.


A switch statement compares the value of the variable with multiple cases. If the value is suitable with any of the cases, climate the block of statements linked with this situation will it is in executed.



Editing in "if-else" statement is not simple as if we eliminate the "else" statement, climate it will create the havoc.


Editing in switch declare is less complicated as compared to the "if-else" statement. If us remove any of the situations from the switch, climate it will not interrupt the execution of other cases. Therefore, we deserve to say the the switch declare is simple to modify and maintain.



If the choices are multiple, climate the rate of the execution the "if-else" declaration is slow.


The instance constants in the switch statement develop a run table in ~ the translate in time. This jump table chooses the route of the execution based on the worth of the expression. If we have a many choice, then the execution that the switch statement will be much much faster than the tantamount logic the "if-else" statement.

Let"s summary the over differences in a tabular form.

DefinitionDepending ~ above the condition in the "if" statement, "if" and "else" blocks room executed.The user will certainly decide i m sorry statement is to it is in executed.
ExpressionIt includes either reasonable or equality expression.It includes a single expression which deserve to be one of two people a personality or creature variable.
EvaluationIt evaluates all types of data, such as integer, floating-point, character or Boolean.It evaluates one of two people an integer, or character.
Sequence that executionFirst, the problem is checked. If the condition is true then "if" block is executed otherwise "else" blockIt executes one instance after an additional till the break keyword is no found, or the default declare is executed.
Default executionIf the condition is no true, climate by default, else block will be executed.If the worth does not match with any kind of case, then by default, default statement is executed.
EditingEditing is not straightforward in the "if-else" statement.Cases in a move statement are basic to maintain and modify. Therefore, we have the right to say the the remove or editing and enhancing of any case will certainly not interrupt the execution of other cases.
SpeedIf there space multiple choices implemented through "if-else", climate the speed of the execution will be slow.

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If we have multiple selections then the move statement is the ideal option as the speed of the execution will certainly be much greater than "if-else".