Texas instruments is a trusted and reputed name as soon as it comes to superior quality calculators packed v all the required features. The brand provides a variety of calculators ideal from scientific to graphing calculators. 2 of the most famous calculators from the brand space TI 83 Plus and also TI 84 plus. Both these calculators space meant for the people searching for graphic calculators

However, a most buyers acquire confused in between both the models once it concerns making a final choice. So for helping you decision which one is precious the money, i am going to list under the differences between TI 83 and also TI 84. Prior to looking at their differences, let united state look at the features and also specifications the both these top-rated and best graphing calculators.

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Key features of TI-83 add to Graphing Calculator


The calculator has actually an LCD screen and also a readable display with 64 X 96 pixels resolution.It can screen graphs and also tables ~ above the split-screen so that one can easily trace the graph when scrolling the value.This graphing calculator likewise features in-built storage storage and evaluation of as much as 10 matrices.It has graphing tools that have the right to be advantageous to perform mathematics and also science course work, consisting of statistics and also finances.

Key attributes of TI-84 plus Graphing Calculator


This graphing calculator gestures a full-color backlit display along with high-resolution.There are seven different graph styles in the calculator that help in differentiating the look at of every graphs.It additionally comes v a TI Lithium rechargeable battery.This version, like TI 83 plus, is permitted for usage in SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP and also other together competitive exams.

Difference between TI 83 and also TI 84

TI 83 Plus

TI 84 Plus

This graphing calculator comes through a feature of the easy-to-use graphing interface along with a an easy programming language.As this version is a color graphing calculator one can conveniently differentiate in between several graphs and also plots as result of color-coded equations.
The calculator doesn’t feature MATHPRINT functionality.The calculators screen the number in the “MATHPRINT” format which renders it less complicated for students to usage this calculator and also put the worths of fractions.
TI-83 is a bade model and features 160 kb memory and also 24 kb RAM.TI-84 has twice the processing speed the TI-83 because of its 480 kb of memory and 24 kb RAM.
This calculator was one of the first versions indigenous TI and hence it a tiny bulky.This calculator is 30% slimmer 보다 the older generations that the calculator. 
TI-83 calculator doesn’t feature a USB port and also can be associated only to various other models such together TI-83s or TI-84s. One demands to opt for an outside T attach for transferring data native the calculator.This design from Texas Instruments has actually a mini USB harbor to configure external gadgets or also to transmit data native the calculator to the PC.

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What is the Difference in between TI-83 and TI-84 in a Nutshell?

Both these calculators are among the best selling graphing calculators due to their features, durability and ease of making use of it. However, TI-84 is an advanced model special a fancy graphing specification along with Mathprint and also USB port the is absent in the TI-83 model. Personally from these features, all the various other specs room similar, much more or less. 

To summarize, TI 84 add to graphing calculator has a quicker processing time and also offers a better user-friendly experience as result of its advanced features. 

Concluding Remarks

As pointed out above, both this calculators are enabled for usage in competitive exams. So although TI 84 deserve to be a much better choice, you deserve to make a decision based ~ above your personal preferences. Ns hope this article helps you in understanding the differences between TI 83 and TI 84 to do an informed choice.