Pulled from deep in the happy Gunner archives, we’ve uncovered this 40-year-old episode of a collection of TV shorts we as soon as sponsored referred to as Shooting Outdoors. We believed you guys could get a kick out of seeing this old testimonial of the Walther PP.

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James Bond to be Wrong

Okay, for this reason let’s acquire something the end of the way: the pistol reviewed below is in reality a Walther PP and also not a Walther PPK. It’s basic mistake to make since the 2 are an extremely close in appearance. Close sufficient that in the very first James shortcut film, Dr. No, bond is approve a Walther PP, yet it’s described as a PPK. Supposedly the equipments of Shooting Outdoors made the exact same mistake, despite there gift a “PP” very plainly stamped ~ above the Walther’s slide. Friend might likewise be wondering just how a five year old firm sponsored a show from 40 years ago, but it’s rude to ask so countless questions.

Walther PP vs. PPK vs. PPK/S

There are numerous variants that the Walther PP pistols, and keeping up v them can get confusing real fast. There are plenty of Walther enthusiasts who deserve to decode the details for you, yet the simple story is that the PP has actually a much longer slide and also barrel, and a steel backstrap. The PPK is much shorter than the PP by 0.6″ and has no metal backstrap, so the grips wrap about the rear. The PPK likewise has a shorter grip, and the magazines organize one less round. The PPK/S is a mix of the two. It has actually the shorter barrel and also slide that the PPK, but the longer grip that the PP. The original chambering to be .32 ACP (or 7.62mm in Europe) yet all 3 variants have likewise been readily available in .380 ACP, .25 ACP and .22 LR.

An really Review

Aside native the silliness in the above video, ns do have actually a few actual comments based upon my experience with the Walther PP.


The one I borrowed for the evaluation is chambered in .32 ACP and was made in 1964. Like all of the Walther pistols in this series, it’s a twin action/single action with a slide mounted de-cocker/safety. The dual action traction is excessively stiff. My trigger pull gauge maxes the end at 12 lbs, and also at the point, the Walther’s cause hadn’t even started to relocate yet. The said, the double action hit is relatively smooth and consistent, and I actually discovered it easier to shoot than some of the lighter DA cause I’ve supplied in the past. That probably has a lot to execute with the reasonably short cause reach, which allows you to get a an excellent amount of leverage ~ above that heavy trigger.

The single action pull come in at approximately 5lbs, v a little bit of takeup and a clean break. The tiny sights space a joke, but that to be pretty lot standard exercise for semi-autos that the era. If this gun to be my just option for self-defense, I’d placed a little neon orange repaint on the front sight to give me part hope of finding a sight snapshot under stress.

Usually, i really hate slide-mounted safeties. Actually, i think any kind of safety lever on a double action pistol is an obnoxious redundancy, however slide mounted safeties space the worst. However, the PP is small enough that the safety/decocker was basic to reach v my firing hand thumb, so ns didn’t mental it that much. It would still bother me to have to lug a gun through this “feature”, however the practically placement the the lever does alleviate that trouble in mine opinion.

I’ve read a lot of complaints around the recoil the the PP and also PPK pistols chambered in .380 ACP. The PP was originally designed because that the .32 ACP cartridge and apparently the change to .380 took away a most the gun’s user-friendliness. My loaner pistol in .32 ACP fixed recoiled an ext than a .22 LR and was really fun to shoot. If .32 ACP ammo was less complicated on the wallet, I would certainly love to own one of these because that a plinker.

Another complaint of the .380 variation is the issue of slide bite. If you have medium-sized or bigger hands and you ar your shoot hand high increase on the tight the way you’re “supposed” to, the meat behind your thumb will come precariously close to the slide when it comes back. Ns wasn’t “bit” through the on slide on the PP, but I deserve to see exactly how it might happen with the .380 together it is more than likely apt to shift around more in the hand under recoil. Some later versions the the PPK have prolonged beaver tail to avoid this.

I won’t enter detail about reliability because I only fired a couple of box of ammo through the Walther, but for what it’s worth, i didn’t have any feeding concerns or malfunctions v the gun, and also its owner states he’s had very couple of problems in the past. I have heard a the majority of complaints around the reliability of the Walthers, however it’s possible malfunctions are an ext common with the .380 version, or possibly ammo related. The ammo I supplied was PMC .32 ACP FMJ and JHP. The only worry I did have was that the on slide didn’t constantly go fully into battery once racking in the an initial round. Ns eventually established how to change my loading an approach to prevent the problem, so it may have actually been an easy user error.

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As a protective concealed bring piece, the PP kind pistols are outdated, and there are numerous modern designs that space superior in practically every method (Except maybe appearance. They may be the finest looking semi-autos ever). Unless you currently happen to own one, there’s not also a instance to be produced the PP or PPK as a severe self-defense gun from a perspective of price since used ones have tendency to be relatively pricey. Yet they do have actually a particular charm and also they’re funny to shoot. Based on my endure with this PP, I’ll shortly be exploring reviews the the present production .22 LR Walther PPK.