4 main Reasons Why afri Dwarf Frogs Shed

Ok, for this reason yes, afri dwarf frogs do melted their skin, and also this is perfect normal. Now, although it deserve to be normal, such as because of normal growth, frogs shedding their skin can likewise be a authorize of various difficulties or conditions.

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Let’s look in ~ the 4 key reasons why your African dwarf frog is shedding

1. Shedding because of Growing

Image Credit: Dan Olsen, ShutterstockThe first reason why an african dwarf frog may melted its skin is that it is growing. Once the frog is still young, particularly when it is farming quickly, the will shed its skin every now and also again.

Young frogs may burned their skin up to twice or 3 times a month, and completely grown afri dwarf frogs will likewise shed up to as soon as per month.

Don’t issue folks, because this is totally normal. You have the right to tell if your African dwarf frog is shedding due to growth or doing therefore naturally due to the fact that the frog’s skin will certainly turn really pale, nearly white.

If the white or an extremely pale appearance overcome after the skin has been shed, climate you have nothing come worry around and that nothing much more than a part of the aging process.

2. Shedding due to the fact that of bad Water Conditions

Image Credit: vincenzo palma, ShutterstockAnother factor why your frog might burned its skin, this one an ext serious, is early out to bad water conditions. African dwarf frogs, although they look really nice, are unfortunately very sensitive and fragile creatures.

For instance, if you have broken pottery, sharp rocks, or stormy gravel in the tank, these might injure her frog and also subsequently cause it to burned its skin.

If you see indications of injury on her frog, be sure to check the tank and also remove anything spicy or turbulent which may be bring about this.


Moreover, frogs space not the cleanest that creatures, they can be messy eaters, and also they develop a most waste.

Therefore, if your frog tank is dirty, or in other words, if the water is dirty, full of ammonia, uneaten food, waste, and also is just typically unsanitary, that may also cause the frog to shed.


Therefore, you should ensure the your aquarium filter is right for frogs, that it engages in every 3 crucial forms of filtration, and also that the is clean and totally functional. Continual cleaning the the frog tank will certainly definitely help as well.

Heat and Parameters

Finally, african dwarf frogs are additionally pretty sensitive in terms of water parameters too. Once it involves temperature, it have to be between 75 and also 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the pH level in the water, and also the general hardness level of the water are essential too. If any type of of this parameters are below or end the encourage level, specifically for a an extensive period the time, the may reason your frog to melted its skin.

3. Shedding due to the fact that Of A Fungal Infection

One that the much more common factors for african dwarf frogs to melted their skin is because of a fungal infection. Generally speaking, this is the most typical reason after ~ shedding skin due to growth/aging.

Unfortunately, these frogs are extremely susceptible to various fungal infections, and conditions that result from this infections.

If you check out white spot on her frog’s skin that are fuzzy or hairy, you deserve to be sure that a fungal infection is to blame. A frog shedding that is skin throughout a fungal infection is an effort to eliminate that fungus.

Keep in mind that once a frog sheds its skin naturally, favor with a snake, this will all take place at once, or in various other words, the skin comes off in a solitary piece.

However, a telltale authorize of a fungal epidemic is that the skin comes turn off in patches. Frogs v fungal epidemic may also start come behave oddly, become an extremely frantic, and try to to escape the tank.

If this is the case, you should do part research, discover out i m sorry fungus it is, and then treat that as quickly as possible. Untreated fungal epidemic can finish up being very deadly.

4. Shedding since Of sudden Water Parameter Changes

Image Credit: M-Production, ShutterstockGoing earlier to water parameters, frogs may also shed their skin as result of a sudden change in water parameters.

Once again, frogs are very sensitive to this sort of thing. Suddenly drops or spikes in temperature, pH, water hardness, and also other such points may likewise cause her frog come shed.

Now, if the parameters view a sudden change and the frog sheds, and also you then ensure the the parameters go earlier to normal, this have to not be lot of a problem.

However, it is tho something you should keep one eye out for.


How frequently Do afri Dwarf Frogs Shed?

As stated before, while african dwarf frogs space still growing, they may burned twice or 3 times every month.

Once this frogs are completely grown, they will certainly shed around once per month, every 3 come 5 weeks depending on the particular frog. Part will melted only as soon as every couple of months.

The real worry is if a completely grown afri dwarf frog sheds the skin much more than once per month or much more than every 3 weeks.

This is a sign that something is wrong, in which instance you want to describe the over section and also find out specifically what the trouble is.

Do african Dwarf Frogs burned In The Wild?

Yes, absolutely perform African dwarf frogs burned in the wild. This is a entirely natural process that will take place whether an african dwarf frog is living in the wild or kept in captivity.

It’s completely normal. What’s not normal is if these frogs wouldn’t melted their skin.

Should I eliminate The Skin from The Tank?

Something that you should understand is that African dwarf frogs will eat their very own skin after they burned it. Although not scientifically proven, it is thought that frogs eat your skin because it has lots the nutrients.

In other words, that a quick way to get a nutrient boost. Therefore, if your frog sheds that skin, leave it in the tank so the frog deserve to eat it.

If the frog does no eat the skin in approximately 2 days, climate you have the right to remove it from the tank. Now, what needs to be claimed is the if her frog sheds that is skin because of natural reasons, then it is fine because that the frog come eat it.

However, if the frog has burned its skin because of a fungal infection, it need to not eat the skin and you must remove the old skin native the tank immediately.



Folks, if her African dwarf frog sheds its skin once per month and it every comes turn off in one piece, yes nothing to concern about.

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That said, if your frog is shedding an ext frequently than normal, over there is probably an underlying reason that you must look into right away. Remember the African dwarf frogs are extremely delicate.