After the shooting in ~ Sandy Hook Elementary institution in Newtown, Conn., a group referred to as Mayors versus Illegal weapons has end up being one that the leading supporters for changing laws. Among those mayors, Mike Ryan the Sunrise, says some of Florida"s laws need one more look.

"Now who committed involuntarily because that 72 hours under the "Baker Act" (as a risk to themselves or others) will have actually their guns returned come them through the police automatically and also immediately ~ above discharge ~ 72 hours and their meeting is never entered into a background examine database," said Ryan. "As a result, there is also no impediment or second thought given to someone being released and also purchasing a gun."

Ryan"s claim argues it"s a cinch for someone "committed" under the Baker Act come reclaim their guns and then continue to be off list that would ban them from gaining a brand-new one. Is it?

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Under the Baker Act, regulation enforcement deserve to take someone versus their will to a facility for a mental health evaluation if the human being is a danger to themselves or others. A human being can"t be organized involuntarily for longer than 72 hours, but a medical expert needs to research the person and also sign off on his or she release.

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The basic act that being organized under the Baker action doesn"t average the human is mentally okay or in need of commitment. In 2010, much less than 1 percent of about 140,000 involuntary examinations resulted in involuntary placement in a mental health and wellness treatment facility, according to the Florida department of Children and Families.

We couldn"t find data about how frequently someone who is Baker Acted has their firearm taken. However interviews v attorneys, law enforcement officers and experts ~ above the Baker plot revealed that it does happen.

Whether the regulation enforcement firm takes the gun because that safekeeping relies on the case, lock said. For example, if a mam reports the her husband is despondent and has a gun, and he is Baker Acted in ~ home, police would certainly take the gun, said Col. Jim Previtera the the Hillsborough ar Sheriff"s Office. However if someone is Baker acted on the street and also didn"t have a gun through him, the Sheriff"s Office wouldn"t walk to the home and seize a gun.

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For proof of Ryan"s claim, he pointed us to a 2009 Florida attorney basic opinion. It says that law-abiding civilization who space released under the Baker action should get their weapons back.

"In the absence of one arrest and also criminal charge versus the person sent for evaluation under Florida"s Baker Act, (law enforcement) may not retain weapons confiscated from together persons and retained by that office," break up then-Attorney general Bill McCollum.

The opinion didn"t outline procedures for gun retrieval. So in practice, that way "there is for sure no consistency approximately the state in how this is being practiced," said previous state Baker Act manager Martha Lenderman, who currently trains regulation enforcement.

Of the agencies contacted by PolitiFact Florida, we discovered most required a court order before returning guns.

In Hillsborough County, a judge will certainly ask the person to describe what occurred that resulted in the Baker plot evaluation and also some other questions, said Jason Gordillo, the Hillsborough sheriff"s legit counsel who has handled such cases for 10 years.

The judge looks for any type of legal grounds that would ban the human being from acquiring their gun earlier — for instance a felon or someone with a residential violence injunction. Usually, after a quick hearing, the judge issues the order to return the gun.

"They have the right to pick the up that day if they want," Gordillo said.

The Pasco county Sheriff"s Office doesn"t have a composed policy yet handles matters on a case-by-case basis, said spokesman Kevin Doll. He said the usual requirements for return that a gun encompass Baker plot hospital discharge records, a letter native a licensed mental health expert stating the human is that sound mind and also is in no injury if the firearm is returned, and also proof the ownership.

"We can not compel a human being to administer their medical records … but if they desire their weapons ago without a court order, they must provide the requested documents," Doll stated via email.

The Pinellas county Sheriff"s Office also handles together matters ~ above a case-by-case basis and sometimes calls for a court order, according to Sgt. David DiSano.

Statewide, couple of law enforcement agencies merely hand back guns, claimed Jon Gutmacher, an Orlando defense attorney who specializes in firearm cases.

"You are supposed to acquire your gun ago automatically, however rarely does that happen due to the fact that they space in the hands of the police department," the said.

And also if who is committed for much longer treatment, the or she may petition the court to gain back their gun rights.

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As because that background checks, any type of person who has actually been "adjudicated together a mental defective" or "committed to a psychological institution" is banned under federal legislation from possessing any type of firearm.

Since an evaluation under the Baker action does not equal commitment, the is not gotten in into the FBI"s National instant Criminal Background check System.

Lenderman said the state needs much more clear public policy on when to take and when come give back guns in Baker act cases.

"Simply having a diagnosis that a medical disorder, which it is, have to not deprive you of constitutional civil liberties unless details criteria have been met," she said."

In ruling on Ryan"s statement, we found that those who room released ~ a Baker Act testimonial are licensed has been granted to gain their guns back but many law enforcement agencies need a court order, a process than have the right to take number of weeks.

But the is exactly that people committed under the Baker Act are not consisted of in databases for background check on pistol purchases. Because this claim leaves out essential details, we price it fifty percent True.

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