Cows don’t constantly have milk in your udders, and they don’t need to it is in milked by farmers. They produce milk because that the same reason human being women do: to feed your babies. 

since cows only develop milk after ~ they’ve been pregnant, farmer artificially inseminate lock on what the market calls a “rape rack.”

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Around 10 months after a cow becomes pregnant, she provides birth, and also a strong bond instantly forms between mother and calf. If given the chance, a mom cow would certainly nurture and also protect her calf.

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But in the dairy product industry, after just one to three days, farmers take calves from their mother so the humans deserve to drink the mothers’ milk. This causes both cows and also calves too much distress. Mommy cows have been known to cry out for job after their babies room dragged far from them.

Some male calves are shipped turn off to feedlots come await slaughter, while others are maintained in dark, tiny crates where they space almost completely immobilized so the their flesh continues to be tender and also can be marketed as veal.

In order to make their meat white, calves offered for veal room fed a fluid diet that is low in iron and has small nutritive value. This heinous treatment provides the calves sick, and in addition to experiencing from diarrhea, pneumonia, and lameness, they are terrified and also desperate for your mothers. These calves are killed after only a few months of life.

woman calves are often kept alive so the they can produce milk when they space old enough. They space usually artificially inseminated soon after their very first birthdays. After providing birth, people take their babies away from them, and they lactate because that 10 months before being inseminated again, continuing the cycle.

Usually once cows used for dairy products are 4 or 5 year old, they are sent out to be slaughtered.

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Cows don’t should be milked, and they don’t enjoy it. The reality is, for us to have actually a glass the milk, a mother had to endure the lose of her baby over and over. By proceeding to consume dairy products, humans are supporting a life time of suffering for this sensitive, smart animals.

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Now the you know the truth, what will you do?

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The good news is that going vegetables is now easier than ever. There are tons the dairy-free cheeses, ice cream creams, and also milks available at the grocery store and even dairy-free choices at locations like Starbucks, Taco Bell, and also other popular restaurants.