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Each time you have actually sex, you ejaculate (well, hopefully), and also all that jizz requirements to go somewhere. And just together you have actually your favorite place to finish when you hit it raw, every woman has actually her own preference on where she desires you come bust the nut…and together you can have guessed, her favourite spot is not the very same as yours. 

Since this is a compelling topic the deserves to be discover thoroughly, the folks at negative Girls bible surveyed 740 men and women on their ejaculation preferences in a survey called “Come right here Often?” wherein they request the fellas wherein they prefer to blow their load, and also the ladies wherein they want their male to finish.

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In the survey, the entrants were given a picture of a nude woman, and submitted your answers through highlighting the area ~ above the picture where they most like to give/receive ejacualte, and also the responded from all 740 human being were compiled to generate user-friendly warmth maps. Or skeet maps, if you will. Ha ha. 

For starters, here’s a whereby rough summary of where men usually shoot your jerk sauce:

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Not surprisingly, 92 percent that respondents said the vagina is the most common nut bank, 74 percent stated they regularly come on she body, 54 percent offer or get a braided surprise, and 23 percent come “elsewhere.” friend know, top top the floor, right into a wad of toilet paper, etc. Sounds about right.

And currently for the special, on money shots:

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As you deserve to see in the illustration above, 42 percent of men said they favor to provide their partner a facial, whereas only 12.7 percent of women desire a cumshot come the face, probably due to the fact that it’s much more appealing in concept than in truth for the receiving end. 

Moving down the body, 26.6 percent of guys prefer come cum on she chest, relative to 37.1 of women. Furthermore, the abdomen clearly isn’t a super renowned location because that either gender, with just 7.4 percent that men and also 12.2 percent of women heralding it their preferred landing spot.

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The mons pubis, a.k.a. She crotch, is a little an ext popular, favored by 14.4 percent of dudes and also 23.6 percent of ladies.

And currently that we recognize where on her body ladies desire you to finish, here’s one infographic the where male respondents said they many recently came:

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For 24.3 percent that men, the most recent jizz place was the crotch area, 23.7 percent come on her chest, 19.8 percent on the stomach, 16 percent ~ above the face, 7.8 percent on she ass, and also 5.3 percent on her back. 

The much less popular areas men decided as your designated nut ar were the hands, v 1.8 percent, 0.8 percent come on her legs, and also 0.3 percent on she neck. 

Lastly, let’s explore one the the most controversial topics: Facials!

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Not surprisingly, means more guys than women reap facials, v 42 percent and also 13 percent respectively. However interestingly, women that watch porn room much much more open come the idea, i m sorry strongly argues porn is a huge influence when it concerns shaping sexual preferences. 

But maybe even an ext interesting is the truth that ~ marriage, the number of women who prefer facials dips down to a tiny 5 percent, which could mean that once they have their man on lock, castle don’t need to pretend like they enjoy facials anymore. Who knows?

Such riveting information, right? You can see the remainder of the findings right here, for all your ejaculation etiquette needs.