For employees who usage their privately owned vehicle for federal government business, Reimbursement prices for Gas Mileage to reduce Again in 2021

There are several civilization employed by the Federal federal government who need to use a automobile to perform their duties. As long as a specialty car isn’t required, many have the option to use their own automobile or van. Also mail carriers for the USPS, specifically in countryside areas, could be compelled to usage their very own automobile- or at least have a choice. When a federal employee uses his or her vehicle to do their duties for the country’s civil service, they can gain reimbursed for gas and also mileage.

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In 2019, $0.58 to be the per-mile rate. Last year, the dropped come $0.575 because that every mile ($57.50 every 100.). Currently for 2021, the basic Services administration (GSA) has decreased the mileage reimbursement prices again to $0.56 cent per mile. Feds who room eligible for these reimbursements can expect $1.50 much less than critical year because that every 100 miles.


$0.54/mile (down ½ a cent from 2020)


$1.26/mile (down 1 cent from 2020)

Automobile (when Government vehicle is Available):

$0.16/mile (down 1 cent native 2020)

The Coronavirus has impacted fuel price with much less recreational travel and also commuting developing due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. While the price in ~ the pump could not right now be as low as it remained in Spring 2020 in ~ the start of the pandemic, the cost of gas is still relatively less 보다 it was 12 month ago.


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GSA Gas usage Reimbursement Rates

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