When The Vampire Diaries ended, we weren"t quite sure what to execute with ourselves.

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The unanswered questions! The weekly drama! Ian Somerhalder"s face! What carry out we carry out now?!

WATCH: Damon & Elena"s first kiss on The Vampire Diaries 

Luckily, producers retained fans happy by developing a pair of spin-off shows from the OG Vampire Diaries, pass us The Originals and Legacies.

While many of the characters are brand-new and delving into their very own narratives, there"s one in specific from Legacies who obtained everyone talking. 





Prepare yourselves because that this one: Damon and Elena have actually a daughter. And also her surname is Stefanie Salvatore. Holy. Potatoes. 

All was revealed in season one where Josie Saltzman mentions her to Lizzie at the lockers.

"Stephanie Salvatore"s dad provided him the watch," she said with exasperation. 

We"re sorry, WHAT!?

Naturally, fans went into overdrive, with countless taking to Twitter to voice their excitement. 

"We haven’t talked around this heat enough, "Stefanie Salvatore"s dad". Josie dubbed Damon a dad. DAMON IS SOMEONES DAD oh MY GOD," smashville247.netposed one. 

Another added: "We all recognize she"s yes, really Stefanie Jenna climbed Miranda Salvatore. Like the royalty she is, she gets multiple an initial names." 

The news was much better than we might have hoped because when us last experienced Damon and Elena top top TVD, they to be happy and living their finest lives.

But this proved that Damon acquired his wish to have kids with Elena.

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And if we"re still waiting for a real good deep dive into her story, we recognize a few things about her. 

In an interview with TV Line, Ian Somerhalder, that played Damon (so technically Stefanie"s dad) identified her by saying, "Oh, yeah, isn’t that my daughter?”

And in the best hint of all, the show"s writer Julie Plec also mentioned the she was sussing out exactly how to weave Stephanie"s personality in. 

"I’d have to number out why a kid of theirs would certainly be supernatural and in boarding school. But it’s on my list of things to think about," she Tweeted ago in 2019. 

And yes, the present later shown that Damon and Elena have multiple children - Jenna, sarah Lillian and also a son, Grayson. 

Hold us. 

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