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Les majuscules

The usage of funding letters (les majuscules) is lot less usual in French 보다 in English. Take it a look at this review of indigenous that room capitalized in English but not in French.*

I. Calendar Words

Days the the week and months of the year room not capitalized in French.

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Par exemple…

Nous allons partir lundi.We’re walk to leave on Monday.
Le cours a commencé en septembre.The course started in September.

II. Geographical Names

Geographical words used with proper names space not capitalized in French.

Il habite 3, rue Gambetta.He lives at 3 Gambetta Street.
Je veux me baigner dans l’océan Atlantique.I want to swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

III. Languages

In French, languages are never capitalized.**

Elle parle français, espagnol et grec.She speak French, Spanish, and also Greek.
La grammaire arabe est impossible !Arabic grammar is impossible!

** view variable capitalization because that the matching nationalities.

IV. Religions

Whether provided as nouns or adjectives, many words concerned the names of religions are not capitalized in French (exceptions in bold).

le bouddhisme Buddhism
un Bouddhiste une Bouddhistea Buddhist
un temple bouddhisteBuddhist temple
le christianismeChristianity
un chrétienune chrétiennea Christian
une église chrétienneChristian church
un Hindouune Hindouea Hindu
un temple hindouHindu temple
un musulmanune musulmanea Muslim
une mosquée musulmaneMuslim mosque
le judaïsmeJudaism
un juifune juivea Jew
un holy place juifJewish temple

V. Subject Pronoun je / I

The very first person singular subject pronoun is constantly capitalized in English. No so in French.

Non, je n’ai pas d’argent.No, ns don’t have any money.
Je sais que je peux le faire.I know I deserve to do it.

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 * the course, when any type of of these words is in ~ the beginning of a sentence, that is capitalized.

Page 2: variable capitalization

Page 3: Capitalization the titles

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