ns was wondering if I have to place a comma before and also after "and thus". Usually, this is followed by a comma, but in this sentence, ns think one comma before it is enough. Right?

"accepted theory can carry out satisfactory results, and also thus, experiments deserve to be avoided."



This sentence has actually two live independence clauses. Lock are associated by "and" with a comma prior to it. The "and" and also the comma room correct. However, adding a comma ~ "thus" is not correct due to the fact that it is an adverb; the comma after it is no necessary.

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The sentence is good this way:

"Accepted theory can provide satisfactory results, and also thus experiments have the right to be avoided."

If "thus" is provided as a conjunctive adverb (without "and"), a semi-colon and a comma space necessary. This version of her sentence is additionally correct:

"Accepted theory can carry out satisfactory results; thus, experiments have the right to be avoided."

Both of this sentences are clearer than your sentence that has the comma ~ "thus."

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