Many civilization ask whether it"s feasible to journey onto Catalina Island from mainland California.

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You cannot journey to or on Catalina Island. The only way to reach Catalina Island (or Santa Catalina as it is formally known) is by a passenger only ferry the takes 1 hour from four various departure points along the California coastline - no dare are allowed on the island.

You deserve to drive native Los Angeles or mountain Diego to one of these 4 ferry leave points, park up her car and also jump on the rapid ferry trip to Avalon or two Harbors port on Catalina Island.

When driving to Catalina Island native downtown Los Angeles you deserve to take the I-110 to long Beach or I-710S to mountain Pedro port and take the ferry over from there. From mountain Diego you have the right to drive the I-5N north to Newport coast or Dana point and board the ferry.

Keep analysis to find out about driving to Catalina Island, consisting of which ports room closest come you and everything you should know about catching a ferry.

Is it possible to drive to Catalina Island?

It isn"t possible to journey to Catalina Island. The island is a whopping 29 miles turn off the coast of mainland USA with no bridges, causeways or tunnels and in fact cars space actually banned on the island altogether.

It is, however, very easy to journey to among four exit points and also hop ~ above a ferry come Santa Catalina Island instead.

This scenic see in Catalina Island awaits you.
Despite it being clear California the can get surprisingly it will be cold on the ferry together you do your method over. Carry warm clothing and a waterproof jacked to defend you indigenous wind and also sea spray.

Santa Catalina is part of the Channel archipelago of California archipelago and lies within Los Angeles County

Catalina island includes 76 square miles v 52 mile of stunning coastline. It"s eight miles wide and around 22 mile long.

The highest allude on the island is mountain Orizaba in ~ 2,097 ft (639 m).

California is well known for glass-bottom boats, epic scuba and snorkeling spots, and panoramic views of the Pacific.

Catalina Island weather is best in spring and also fall. June Gloom access time the early on summer v some days being overcast till noon or later. In winter, the sea have the right to be rough and also storms deserve to make the journey really bumpy and sometimes even dangerous.

You don"t require a passport to obtain to Catalina Island but it is recommended that you travel through a federal government Issued picture ID.

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