Does Rhubarb have to be Peeled?

Many human being contact me and ask, "Do friend peel rhubarb"?, and also "Does royal tree need to be peeled?"

Rhubarb go NOT must be Peeled

Rhubarb go NOT have to be peeled ... All you need to do is be certain to use a sharp knife once chopping royal tree stalks.

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When chopping your rhubarb to use for a recipe, or to freeze rhubarb, ensure you have a sharp knife!

A sharp knife will eliminate any "strings" from coming apart from the rhubarb stalks.


When I very first began growing rhubarb, I also had occasions once the rhubarb showed up to it is in "stringy" once I chopped it. Admittedly this is annoying ;)

Best and very Inexpensive Knife Sharpener

I just pulled the strings off, and that worked fine.

Then, one day ...

My son-in-law, Joel, said I invest in a knife sharpener.

He advised me the my cutting suffer with rhubarb stalks, and also with ALL other cutting of fruits, vegetables, meats, and so on, would boost drastically.

(I had been using the same, unsharpened knives because that over 20 years!)

I did invest in a simple, inexpensive, knife sharpener, specifically like the one pictured above).

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A  "J. A. Henckels international Hand Sharpener". 

Click on the image above for additional product information and customer reviews at *

I cannot think the difference this knife sharpener has made v all the cutting and chopping of food I perform in mine kitchen!

Now i cannot imagine not sharpening my, (non-serrated), velvet from time to time!

If you execute not very own a knife sharpener, i whole-heartedly introduce you acquisition one, (or add one to her Christmas wish list(!) ... You will be glad you did!

If you are searching for a gift because that an Wedding Shower, a Birthday, or a Christmas gift, take into consideration an indispensable knife sharpener.

My rhubarb never ever gets stringy anymore!

No one demands to peel rhubarb!

Oh, and ... Many thanks for the note Joel! :)

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Is your Rhubarb "Stringy" as soon as you cut it?

I LOVE my Inexpensive, Easy-to-Use Knife Sharpener -

- i don"t know exactly how I did without a knife sharpener because that so long!

Here (below) is the one i have had actually for the previous 10 years!

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