New come massages and have a massage meeting coming up? You might be stressing around trying to figure out what the best outfit for your massage is.

But don’t worry – we have actually you covered!

Here’s what you must know about what come wear come a massage:

Try come Wear as tiny as Possible

Once you acquire to your appointment, what commonly happens is her massage therapist will certainly ask you come undress to everything level you are most comfortable with.

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This could mean wearing underwear or even going completely nude. In ~ the finish of the day, it’s totally up come you how much come undress.

But miscellaneous to save in mental is the wearing also much clothing interferes through the capacity for your massage therapist to with deep into the tissues throughout the massage.

Also, one important element of a massage is the human-to-human connection between the masseuse and also the client.

The hands, elbows, and sometimes feet in timeless Thai massage, actually poignant the skin throughout the massage are considered healing through many, in and of themselves. Many traditional massages even suggest the clients undertake nothing. Understandably, this can develop unease because that many, specifically when members of the opposite sex space involved. But if you can learn to relax, to get rid of your shyness, walking for your massage in her birthday suit can be ideal!

Keep in mind, massage therapists are experts so castle are knowledge to your clients feeling delicate if they space naked. To ease the worries, they always take treatment to sheathe up her body v towels if focussing on other areas for massage.

If you don’t feel comfortable going fully naked for your massage, there are clothing alternatives you might take the don’t interfere too much with her massage.

Fully Clothed For her Massage


Massage therapists are commonly happy to work approximately your preferrences, for this reason if you great to be fully clothed during your massage, make certain you permit them recognize that.

Something to keep in mental is that if you carry out go fully clothed, try to wear clothing that aren’t also bulky. Something choose a t-shirt or yoga pants (for women) are an excellent options.

Wearing Underwear to A Massage

Wearing underwear during a massage is a usual strategy to conquer anxiety about being naked in former of her massage therapist.

Try to avoid bulky or ornate underwear for her massage, despite – save it simple!

Sports bras, because that example, are far better choices because they are sleeker, lighter, and tighter installation than traditional bras.

Wearing swim Suits come A Massage

For some reason, some people feel the swimming suits are much less intimate or revealing than underwear.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that being around strangers in swimming apparel has actually historically been commonplace at the swimming pool or the beach. In any kind of case, her massage therapist will most likely understand.

But this is a entirely acceptable point to wear to a massage!

Remove Accessories

Like bulky clothing, accessories such together earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and also watches are all no-nos to wear during your massage.

Ask the clinic staff for a secure an individual locker to keep them in, or simply take them off at the table and leave them beside you throughout the expression of the massage.

After your massage, don’t forget to collect your belongings!

How and Where to dress for your Massage at the Clinic

Nearly all massage clinics have an altering rooms, spacious private locations where friend can change your clothes and also prepare holy ghost for her massage.

Whether you are wearing your underwear or going naked, take it this time alone while transforming to try and relax.

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Remind yourself the your massage therapist is there to assist you heal, room professionals, and also will not judge you. Masseuses check out hundreds, often thousands, of clients every year.

Everyone is occasionally insecure about their bodies or emotion vulnerable. Rather of running away, why no take this chance to construct up the ship to confront your fears?