There are several brands of immediate tea obtainable and the above caffeine amount shows the mean that need to be expected from one teaspoon of unsweetened tea powder combined with 8 floz the water.

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Caffeine in arrays of instant Tea

Sweetened v sugar : 8 mg/tspUnsweetened v lemon: 25 mg/tspArtificially sweetened v lemon: 18mg/tsp
Decaffeinated: .5 mg/tspDecaffeinated with lemon: .5 mg/tsp

Popular brand of instant Tea

NesteaStore brands

Instant Tea deserve to vary in caffeine contentdue come variations in the tea leves used and brands the mix fruit flavors and also sugars will also vary.

Compared to other Items

Instant Tea consists of 5.00 mg the caffeine every fl oz (16.91 mg per 100 ml). A 8 fl oz cup has actually a total of 40 mg the caffeine.

SourcesFrom the USDA database and references. Critical updated on 5 Mar 2021. Suggestions or corrections? Send Feedback

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A testimonial of Waka Decaf immediate Coffee and also the caffeine amount in this brand the decaffeinated coffee.

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