I am looking for anyone who knows whereby to obtain tabs because that the tiny diddy that Antonio reversal was mirroring the small boy how to play. Ns think ns am close. It seems choose Em, G, to be to Em again. I don"t know who copsed the music, yet they need to have contained the song in the movie on the soundtrck. I have listened come the part in the movie over a hundred time trying to acquire it perfect, however with the weird timing it provides it tough for me. That"s why ns am trying to find tabs. Ns am discovering flamenco guitar appropriate now, however love mariachi solo etc as well. Thanks, Chris

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the tune is -

Here it ishttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wuqkYpFNUj8

Re: Music from Desperado the movie?

:I listen,listen, listen, ..... Now if friend plz send me the tab of this music I will be obliged . Plz....

i make the tab! the track he teaches the small kid

This song is played in the same chords together the intro song.

basically the the chords the the song called

"Cancion Del Mariachi"

played on a nylon string etc (not the one he plays in the movie)i think.

but i know this tab i made sounds pretty damn an excellent if you play the right prefer the movie


( )- dont play, but you can if girlfriend want. (sounds better without.)

play really faintly Em to be B7 Em am B7|------------------------2-3---0-|---------------------2-3----2---0---------||------------0-1--------0--0-----|---------0-1--------0--0------------------||----------------2-----2--(2)-2--|-------------2-----2--(2)-2---2-----------||--------(2)-1-2------1----------|-------2-1-2------1-----------------------||------(2)--------0--2-----------|-----2--------0--2------------------------||-0-3----------------------------|-0-3--------------------------------------|

play an extremely faintly Em am B7 Em am B7|------------------------2-3---0-|-----------------(-------2-3----2---0)----||------------0-1--------0--0-----|---------0-1-----(------0--0---------)----||----------------2-----2--(2)-2--|-------------(2~)(-----2--(2)-2---2--)----||--------(2)-1-2------1----------|-------2-1-2-----(----1--------------)----||------(2)--------0--2-----------|-----2-----------(0--2---------------)----||-0-3----------------------------|-0-3-------------(-------------------)----| ^ ^ this is where is stops ^ ^

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: This track is play in the exact same chords together the intro song.

: usually its the chords the the song called

: "Cancion Del Mariachi"

: play on a nylon string etc (not the one he plays in the movie): ns think.

: however i understand this tab ns made sound pretty damn good if you: play it right prefer the movie

:: (EADGBe)

:: ( )- not play, but you can if girlfriend want. (sounds better without.)

: play very faintly: Em to be B7 Em am B7: |------------------------2-3---0-|---------------------2-3----2---0---------|: |------------0-1--------0--0-----|---------0-1--------0--0------------------|: |----------------2-----2--(2)-2--|-------------2-----2--(2)-2---2-----------|: |--------(2)-1-2------1----------|-------2-1-2------1-----------------------|: |------(2)--------0--2-----------|-----2--------0--2------------------------|: |-0-3----------------------------|-0-3--------------------------------------|

: play very faintly: Em am B7 Em am B7: |------------------------2-3---0-|-----------------(-------2-3----2---0)----|: |------------0-1--------0--0-----|---------0-1-----(------0--0---------)----|: |----------------2-----2--(2)-2--|-------------(2~)(-----2--(2)-2---2--)----|: |--------(2)-1-2------1----------|-------2-1-2-----(----1--------------)----|: |------(2)--------0--2-----------|-----2-----------(0--2---------------)----|: |-0-3----------------------------|-0-3-------------(-------------------)----|: ^ ^: this is whereby is stops ^ ^