Note: This blog around male celebrities that wear wigs and toupees was initially written in 2018 and just got updated in 2021 come include much more Hollywood actors and product recommendations.

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While a the majority of us quiet think twice prior to buying hair wigs because that men, male movie stars and TV celebrities have been rocking them for decades. Time and again, we have actually seen male actors and also even sports personalities openly recognize that castle wear wigs and toupees to recuperate from short-lived hair fall and permanent hair thinning. Andre Agassi is a standard example that admitted that he wore wigs during the 90s!

While mrs celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and also Katy Perry stay wigs because that fashion, masculine celebrities generally wear them to hide thinning hair and also balding areas. To develop awareness about this interesting hair affair, we have actually come up with this list of masculine celebrities, rock stars, TV actors, and also Hollywood celebs that wear wigs (also recognized as hairpieces, toupees, and also hair systems) to hide baldness.

Let’s walk with this impressive list of masculine movie actors and also performers you didn’t understand wore toupees. Us bet you will be surprised to check out the male celebrities that made our balding list of Hollywood stars and TV personalities!

Charlie Sheen

Who doesn"t recognize the notorious Charlie Sheen? the was when the greatest paid TV actor in the world and also is still well-known for his amazing performances. The 2 & half Men star has been spotted many times v both balding head and also a complete head of hair.


Though he has actually never admitted it in public, it"s pretty noticeable that that wears a wig or toupee. Too ~ Charlie, friend won"t reveal but we understand your hair secret!

Ben Affleck

If us tell you that our reel-life Batman is totally bald, would certainly you believe us?

We neither but if native in the tabloids is to it is in believed, that is rather true.

There have been rumorsthattheGone Girl star is completely baldand sports a wig to hide his fully head.It’s stated that Vince Vaughan when pulled turn off his hairpiece when horsing roughly at a party. Regardless of of that, he still looks great. The is well-known as the an initial movie star who brought the tendency of male wigs in the mainstream industry.


Ben Affleck is just one of the best A-list masculine celebrities that wear wigs,men’s hair pieces, or hair systems. And also we totally ove that in every duty he does.

Robert Pattinson

This is walk to rest at least a million hearts out there yet it have to be said. Robert Pattinson, the dashing vampire of Twilight, revealed in one interview the he wore a toupee in the Twilight saga. ‘Is ours beloved Edward bald’ civilization asked and there is a good amount of reason to believe it.


In an additional interview, he admitted that he shed some hair due to excessive bleaching as soon as filming for the current movie good Time. The actor has been spotted in publicly with countless different styles, including a an extremely uncharacteristic slicked down look, which that starts out in his new movie.

It looks favor Vampires have the right to live forever yet their hair can"t (pun intended).


John Travolta

John Travolta climbed to fame through the blockbuster flick, Pulp Fiction (1994) is, unfortunately, a hair ns victim. But he never ever tried to hide the truth that the is actually half-bald. Instead, heoften come out v his outright head in public and doesn’t care a dime about paparazzi.


Recently,the Face/Off actor chose to walk “wigless” throughout afamily pilgrimage to the beach. While celebrating his 57thbirthday withhis mam Kelly Preston and also daughter Ellaby the coast in Hawai,he looked like a complete family man and totally adorable.

Nicholas Cage

The gone in 60 seconds actor has been spotted many times put on hairpieces and also hair systems. In an to exclude, Interview, he declared that he doesn"t wear wigs in personal life but love to wear wigs in movies.

For a guy who lavishly spent a luck of $150 million top top exotic cobras, sharks, crocodiles, Dinosaur skull, pygmy shrunken heads, pyramid tombstone, and also a lavish exclusive jet, purchase a couple of optimal quality hair solution is no big deal!


With together a lifestyle, classy wigs, and iconic status, no wonder that is likewise our favourite celebrity to produce memes.

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Mathew McConaughey

The Academy Award-winning actor was well-known for his thick long hair and shocked world when that showed signs of masculine pattern baldness and seriously thinning hair.

After public appearances v thinning hair, Matthew McConaughey came back with a thicker fuller look, leading to speculation the he’d had gone because that hair ns treatment.


It"s hard to digest however going outright is a reality for the Interstellar star.

Having sported different hairstyles in windy appearances & parties, that doesn"t take it a scientist to number out the our dashing star wears a wig to cover up his bald head. And we don"t complain, the looks dapper!

Watch the video clip below to examine out exactly how mechanism makes Marc feel:

Jude Law

The brother Academy compensation winning English actor and rockstar, Jude Law, who has also received Oscar nominations for his brilliant performances in ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and ‘Cold Mountain’ appears to have actually a fuller head now as contrasted to it was in 2013.


The charming actor to be spotted with a receding hairline and thinning crown in 2013, yet he later on made an appearance in ~ the Toronto film Festival through a curly and also fuller head. This is sufficient to add him come the list of make celebrities who wear wigs and toupees


Jon Cryer

The two and a fifty percent men star, Jon Cryer, do a revelation ~ above Conan O"brien’s talk showabout his balding hair supported by the statement ‘an sophisticated illusion’. The 48 year old actor confessed that his strands room “gone now”.


Jon Cryer’s “spectacular mane of unruly wonderfulness” in the romantic comedy nice in Pink, carried him in the spotlight as one of the celebrities who wear wigs. Still think there are no celebrity toupee wearers? check out on! we have much more in keep for you!

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Daniel Craig

The Casino Royale James Bond demands no introduction. Yes, we space talking around Daniel Craig. Yet this really handsome mystery agent wouldn"t have actually done it appropriate without his wig.


The English actor started reflecting the indicators of male pattern baldness revealing his receding hairline in ~ the temples. But later make appearances v a head with a fuller mane. The is sure shot proof the Craig is among the male celebrities who wear peak quality wigs or hair systems.

Hugh Laurie

The English actor, director, musician, comedian, and also author Hugh Laurie, well known for his portrayal that the title character in the U.S. Medical drama collection House started to present signs of balding and thinning in the crown area. On the to adjust of House, we watch him with a fuller and dense head, but he refrains indigenous wearing a wig while appearing on interviews. He can be watched flaunting his shining head otherwise.


The unbelievably handsome male celebrity v thinning hair sports his toupee nice well.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino doesn’t need an introduction. He’s among the greatest legends of Hollywood. This seasoned actor has appeared many times wearing a wig during the promotion of his movies and also public appearances.

In his career the spans over 5 decades, he has actually received countless awards including 2 Tony Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards. Would certainly it have been possible with a patchy bald head? us think not.


Brendan Fraser

You need to remember this dashing male actor indigenous the iconic movie, Mummy. Brendan Fraser wore wigs because that his diverse roles in numerous critically acclaimed movies. He has actually been wearing a toupee wig because that a long time to recoup from sample baldness and keep his career alive.

Brendan Fraser has done leading roles in plenty of comedy and fantasy movies prefer Encino Man, George that the Jungle, and also Looney Tunes. Hair or no hair, we entirely love him!


Chuck Norris

If you’re part of Generation Z, you might not be acquainted with chuck Norris. Well, he is an American martial artist, actor, film producer, and also screenwriter. This renowned Hollywood celebrity was as soon as the meaning of an action hero. Chuck Norris has actually been watched wearing a toupee in multiple public appearances and movie promotions.

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Our respect for lining is paramount since he has additionally served in the United says Air Force! inspect out this repertoire of men’s hairpieces if you have been shedding hair prefer crazy.