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The Answer

Here is the 100% undisputed truth: lifting weights will NOT stunt your growth. There have been accurate no studies ever before that have displayed lifting weights will certainly stunt or even inhibit growth.

That myth requirements to be kicked to the curb and stop being spread.

If friend haven’t to be lifting as result of this are afraid of stunting her growth, you may be shocked to discover that it’s in reality been presented that load lifting supports elevation growth.

That gift said, your development plates can’t be close up door in order for that assistance to apply. In her mid 20s, your growth plates will most likely close. ~ this time, you will remain the same height.

However, when your development plates space still open, weight lifting can support height growth. I’m not saying that magically renders you taller, yet what it does carry out is rise your probability of growing to your full height potential.

Unless you take it a drastic measure like surgery, genetics and lifestyle components are what truly determine your height. But lifestyle factors such as not resting enough, alcohol and drug use, etc. Deserve to hold you ago from getting to your full height potential.

How Lifting Weights Affects her Growth

Weight lifting supports height expansion by boosting HGH production—and no I’m no talking about steroids. Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone created by the pituitary gland i m sorry stimulates growth, cabinet reproduction, and also cell regeneration.

Growth hormone is important to enhancing muscle mass and bone density. In children and teens, HGH spurs growth due to the fact that their growth plates aren't closed.


Resistance training normally stimulates growth hormone in our bodies. It’s actually one of the most influential ways to generate a far-ranging release of growth hormone.

Therefore, once you’re lifting younger and producing an ext growth hormone, about theory you space spurring an ext growth.

Keep in mind though, you’re no going to defy your organic genetics. The weight lifting will just provide much more HGH in your body to assistance you getting to your complete height potential. To put it right into the simplest terms, lifting weights will make it much more likely that you flourish taller.

How come Lift Weights as soon as You are Young

With this new knowledge, it’s incredibly necessary to elevator weights in the safest way possible when you are still growing.

Form, sleep for recovery, cultivate proportionally, and stretching because that posture room all essential. Recovery time might be quicker and you may have the ability to get away v riskier health habits when you’re younger, yet you’re not invincible.

If you enter the gym and use weights you can’t manage with negative form, you will certainly hurt yourself. Injuries deserve to most absolutely stunt your growth. In fact, injuries can have initially advocated the myth that weight lifting stunts her growth.

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When it involves lifting weights at any type of age, development is essential. I don’t treatment if it’s your very first day ever before being in a gym or you practice bodyweight training in ~ home.

You 100% deserve to be act endurance training, hypertrophy training, and strength training. Just work your method up.

If you’re new to lifting weights or calisthenics, begin light, reduced intensity, focus on form, and gradually construct up. In your first year you shouldn’t be trying to hit maxes. Construct the foundation of her body and then when you’re an ext advanced, you can do an ext advanced training. 

To recap: weight lifting will 100% not stunt her growth. Weight lifting will support height expansion if you execute it safely and progress carefully.

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