Breast massage might have several health and wellness benefits, such as stimulating blood flow and also helping through breastfeeding.

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In this article, we discuss some feasible benefits of breast massage. We additionally describe techniques for self-massage and look into risks.

Share top top PinterestStimulating blood circulation is a potential advantage of chest massage.
The breasts save on computer mammary glands that produce milk, and a facility network that lobes, ducts, blood vessels, fatty and fibrous tissues, and lymphatic tubes.

Massage may help keep the breasts healthy. The potential benefits involve:

Breast cancer

Breast massages may aid detect breast cancer, possibly as a kind of self-examination.

The American university of Obstetricians and Gynecologists report the 71% of breast cancer situations in ladies under 50 are discovered during chest self-examinations.

Cancer might feel favor a difficult lump or thickened tissue in the breast, and it may adjust breast dimension or shape.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer have the right to lead to a far better outcome — it provides more opportunity because that treatment before the cancer diffusion far. When breast cancer is localized, most people have a 99% chance of living for at the very least 5 year after the initial diagnosis.

It is additionally important to store in mind that breast lumps are unlikely to be chest cancer. In many cases, the cause of this lumps is relatively benign, such as a cyst or infection.


Breast massage may aid reduce pain that can happen when milk build up within the breast.

A 2015 study, for example, found that all 42 breastfeeding participants report a palliation in breast and also nipple pain adhering to therapeutic chest massage.

Some varieties of massage might be much more effective than others. A 2012 study compared the results of Oketani massage v those of constant breast massage ~ above 47 breastfeeding women. Oketani is a method that focuses on the tissues connecting the chest muscles to the breast.

The attendees who obtained Oketani massage reported less breast pain 보다 those that received regular massage.

Also, chest massages may help prevent blockages in the milk ducts and also otherwise improve the flow of milk.


The lymphatic system is a network that vessels that collect and filter excess fluid waste approximately the body. This vessels in the breasts carry fluids come the lymph nodes close to the breastbone, collarbone, or underarm.

Damage to the lymphatic mechanism can reason fluid and waste to develop up. This buildup deserve to lead to swelling, dubbed lymphedema.

Breast massage may assist stimulate the lymph vessels and reduce the hazard of lymphedema in the arms and chest.

However, the result is no confirmed. A 2013 evaluation of 10 randomized managed trials found no evidence that manual stimulation can prevent or mitigate lymphedema.

A more recent study, indigenous 2017, found some proof that hand-operated stimulation was effective. It supplied MRI scans to present that the stimulation had helped relocate excess lymph fluid.

Breast massage approaches vary, depending upon their intended use:


Place four fingers on the top and bottom that one breast.Apply gentle press while moving the fingers of both hands in smooth, circular motions.Position the fingers on every side that the very same breast and also continue come massage in a one pattern.Repeat on the other breast.

Cancer detection

Stand in front of a mirror and also look for any changes in the color, shape, size, or structure of the breast.Place one hand behind the head, so the the elbow points out to the side.Massage the breast utilizing the an initial three fingers of opposing hand.Apply tenderness pressure and also massage in a one motion.Make certain to massage the whole breast — indigenous the collarbone to the peak of the abdomen and also toward the armpit.Repeat ~ above the various other breast.

A person can perform a chest massage if standing up or lied down. It may be many comfortable to carry out so in the shower.

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See a physician if there are any possible indications of cancer, together as:

new lumps or bump on or approximately the breastsswellingskin changes, consisting of redness, dimpling, or flakingdischarge various other than breast milk swollen lymph nodes under the eight or collarbone

Lymph node drainage

Place one hand on peak of the breast on the opposite next of the body, so the the fingertips get in the armpit and also the palm rests top top the chest.Squeeze the hand over the chest in a pump motion.Using the same pumping motion, gradually move the hand down towards the nipple.Massage approximately the outside, bottom, and inner locations of the breast.Repeat on the other breast.