To be labeled an atheist or godless frequently has an insulting and also derogatory connotation.

It means that one denies worship, denies morals, denies any spiritual or social obligation and also denies a religious life. This in no method describes the teachings the Buddha.

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The terms atheist and also godless are also often associated with one who subscribes come an completely materialistic belief system, a doctrine the knows nothing past worldly senses and also the slight, temporary joy it can bestow. supporters nothing that the sort. Both Buddhists and followers of various other religions believe that true and also lasting happiness cannot be discovered in the product world.

In just one sense have the right to be defined an atheistic religion – denies existence of a Creator God, gift an eternal omnipresent God who created the world and who can miraculously save others.

Unlike some various other beliefs, Buddhists execute not believe that a details god will show up in this people at part future date to damage the wicked, unsaved people and to defend the an excellent ones.

Similarly, in, over there is no id that someone have the right to wash away their sins simply by asking for forgiveness.

Buddhists believe that redemption is only possible when human being sincerely realize the what they are doing is wrong and then subsequently try to change their ways and do good.

It is just through this process that a sinner can respond to the bad Karma that has actually accrued to them based on their angry deeds.

Although walk not count on a Creator God, emphatically recognizes the visibility of moral and also spiritual values.

Moreover, Buddhists believe in humankind – we think that each person being is precious and also important and that everyone has actually the potential to construct into a perfect human being.

The troubles with religions based upon Creator Gods


All theistic religions take into consideration their ide of God to have ultimate authority over humans.

This supposed sacred authority have the right to be dangerous together it can blindly strip us of our individuality and freedom.

These God-religions effort to make you a follower and preach that the only true course to salivation is with God.

Under these theistic religions, that is feasible for a human being to have led a perfectly righteous and virtuous life, yet still it is in condemned to eternal hell due to the fact that he or she didn’t think in the visibility of a specific group’s idea the God.

On the other hand, who may have actually led a life the sin, however made a repentance prior to death, and also thus the person can be forgiven and also ‘saved.’

Buddhists think there is no rational justification because that this type of teaching.

However, as we questioned in detail in Buddhist views on Religion, Race and Tolerance, it is critically crucial that we display respect and tolerance to anyone regardless that their faiths views.

The benefits of religions based upon Creator Gods

Although has actually succeeded together a serene religion without incorporating a creator-god, we cannot skip the truth that the think in God has done a an excellent service to mankind.

First, the believe in God has helped civilization control their animal nature.

Secondly, much aid and charity has been offered to others in the surname of god. Countless people likewise find inspiration and protection when the belief of god is in your mind.

Given this benefits, that is basic to check out why so many civilization find the god ide so desirable.

Buddha was not a god


Unlike most other religions, does not case to have originated native heaven.

Buddha never said the he to be the boy of God, the messenger of God or a reincarnation the a God.

In fact, Buddha emphasized himself the he was no a god, fairly he claimed himself a just a person being that was “full awake” and also aware that the true nature of existence.

Buddha asked not to be worshiped through his followers however encouraged his pendant to look deeply within their own minds come answer fundamental questions around life, death and also happiness. As such, Buddhists perform not praise Buddha as a god or deity.

Although numerous Buddhists have statues and other symbols in their homes and also place that worship, this is done just as a reminder of our capability to have wisdom and compassion choose the Buddha.

As we discussed in The prominence of Prostrating in, prostrating or bowing prior to such numbers can be an extremely beneficial in your practice. However, together acts room not done to praise Buddha or the number itself, yet rather to show respect, gratitude and also recognition.

Buddhist views of miracles, angels and praying

Often time people’s id in your Creator God is shown or renewed since they prayed in a time of need and also their prayer was answered.

Here, correlation doesn’t prove causation. Buddha rejected all of these together foolish and warned about the futility of acquisition refuge in the hills, woods or temples when world are complete of fear.

If miracles were possible, climate there would be no require for hospitals and cemeteries.

Buddhists additionally don’t expect the god to carry out things for us or the angels and also guardians to defend us.

If you think in this things, teaches the you will certainly suffer due to the fact that you will always be wait for the appropriate day, the appropriate month or the best year for her miracle.

Instead that praying to mythological beings, Buddhists seek a practical means of overcoming birth, aging, pain and also death by damaging their psychological defilements which cause greed, anger and delusion. doesn’t entice world into living a fool’s paradise, nor does that scare people with imagine fears.

The timeless concepts that heaven and also hell

From a Buddhist allude of view, there is no such point as the classic concept of heaven and hell, gift a permanent, eternal placed developed by a God.

Buddhists believe that such a id is ignorant, unreasonable and also foolish to believe that there is one eternal heaven over the clouds or hell under the oceans.

Furthermore, Buddhists think that that is unreasonable to condemn anyone come eternal hell for their human being weakness.

The Buddhist principle of heaven and also hell


However, does have actually its own ide of heaven and also hell.

Unlike various other religions, these places are non-permanent, mental states of mind.

In various other words, Buddhist think that wise people make their very own heaven when foolish civilization create their very own hell.

Put yet one more way, Buddhists define heaven together a temporary ar where those who have done great deeds experience an ext sensual pleasures.

Hell is one more temporary ar where those who carry out evil experience much more physical and mental suffering.

Hell is just a location where one suffer painful sensations because of suffering and heaven is a location where one experiences joyful and also happy sensations.

However, these mental locations are not permanent and also there is no God involved. Each person experiences satisfied or pain, heaven and also hell, follow to their an excellent and bad Karma.

Why execute we suffer heaven and hell?

According to Buddhists, people experience the fire and misery that hell in this civilization due to your anger, greed and also ignorance. Together we have the right to all relate, human beings experience a mixture the both pain and happiness.

In various other words, one experiences an ext pleasure or happiness in this world, then that ar is a sky to those who gain their worldly life in that place and also time.

When there is more suffering, then that location is a hell to those who suffer. Native a Buddhist suggest of view, if you are in hell, climate you can acquire yourself the end by creating great merit and Karma. T

here are no locks ~ above the gateways of hell. Hell is just a momentary place and also there is no reason for people to experience there forever.

Buddha together the Enlightened One

Although Buddha was just a man, he was not an ordinary guy like us. He was an extraordinary and incomparably person.

As such, Buddha is taken into consideration the Enlightened One, the many compassionate and wise human being who ever before lived in this world.

For this reason, civilization take refuge in the Buddha together a teacher or grasp who has lived and also shown the genuine path of inner peace.

While civilization may display their respect and also gratitude towards Buddha, they execute not pray come Buddha with the illusion the he is a god that will reward or punishment them. Nor carry out they ask for product favors through Buddha.

They simply pay homage come a good religious teacher. Those who recite verses indigenous his teachings do so as a means of recalling his great virtues and an excellent qualities in bespeak to obtain inspiration, confidence and also guidance because that themselves.

This is every done therefore that us can try to be favor him.

In, salvation have the right to only come indigenous within


In some religions, human being seek defense in particular objects i m sorry they believe are occupied by spirits.

Buddhists however, recognize that the only protection they have the right to have is v a complete understanding the their very own natures and also eradicating their base instincts.

When Buddhists look for refuge in Buddha, the simply means that they accept Buddha and also his teachings together the method through which castle can end their suffering.

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Whether you call a religion, ideology or a way of life, is practical, rational and also presents a realistic see of life and also the civilization as it exist today.

In the here and also now, we must look into our own actions, speech, and Karma. By doing good, girlfriend inherit goodness; by law bad, you inherit badness.

If we have the right to understand that an excellent and bad, right and also wrong all lie in ~ us, then us won’t need to go in search of those things somewhere else.

Put one more way, if we lose our inner tranquility here, we have to look to discover or gain back it whereby we shed it – within ourselves.

Even if you don’t discover it in ~ first, store looking where you reduce it. Usually, we shed it within ourselves and then go looking external of ourselves because that the answers, however we’ll never discover it over there.