Everything that you might ever should know around the kid of the late George Harrison, the brother Musician, Dhani Harrison: His network Worth and also More!


Who is George Harrison’s son?

Dhani Harrison is the kid of George Harrison. The is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter, and composer. The is the only child that George Harrison v his spouse Olivia Harrison.

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He grew up in Friar Park. The is one alumnus the Brown college where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in commercial Design and Physics.

What nationality is Dhani Harrison?

Dhani Harrison is of british nationality. He was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England, to parents George and Olivia Harrison..

How old is Dhani Harrison and also how lot does he weigh?

Dhani Harrison is 43 years old. He to be born on august 1, 1978. His actual weight is unknown.

Dhani Harrison as a child

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What go Dhani Harrison carry out for a living?

Dhani Harrison is a musician, composer, singer, and also songwriter. That made his debut top top his father’s final album the was exit after his father’s death in 2001. Together a solo artist, he exit his debut album in 2017. Before that, he exit an album in 2008 as component of v Thenewno2.

Highlights from Dhani Harrison’s power at the Troubadour theatre

Does Dhani Harrison have his own children?

No. Dhani Harrison’s first marriage lasted just a couple of years and they walk not have actually their very own children.

Is Dhani Harrison married or single?

Dhani Harrison was when married come Solveig Karadottir. They to be married native 2012 to 2016 yet are currently divorced. Dhani is currently single.

Who is Dhani Harrison’s companion or spouse?

Dhani Harrison has actually been solitary since his divorce indigenous Solveig Karadottir.

Dhani Harrison with his ex wife, Solveig Karadottir before their divorce


Are there other famed celebrities regarded Dhani Harrison?

Yes. Olivia Harrison, an American author and film producer, is the mother of Dhani Harrison and the wife of the so late Beatles lead guitarist, George Harrison.

What are Dhani Harrison’s hobbies?

Dhani Harrison inherited his father’s music talents. The plays lot of instruments but mainly uses the guitar. He likewise plays a selection of musical genres including rock music and alternative rock. His love because that music has enabled him come sing and write while additionally being a composer and also record producer. He has collaborated through a wide variety of musical talents such together Eric Clapton, Wu-Tang Clan, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Prince, and Jeff Lynne.

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A quick piece through Dhani Harrison with his Tibetan singing bowl

What is Dhani Harrison’s net worth?

Dhani Harrison is one English musician through an estimated net precious of $275 million.