A usual predicament card owner in general confront is picking the “perfect” gift card. This decision is really fragile. Nobody wants to look in ~ the map they purchased and also wish they can take ago the hand of time then choose a different one. Even if it is you space buying a gift card for you yourself or a loved one, the require to obtain it best is pivotal. 

Two gift cards that perform not help this decision are certainly Footlocker and Nike gift cards. If girlfriend have ever been a victim of this, and also you have uncovered yourself at crossroads anytime you wanted to decide between these two, probably this write-up might simply help.

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Footlocker Gift Card


Footlocker is popularly recognized as one the greatest athletic retailers that offer a large selection of huge brand footwear and also apparel. Few of the brands incorporate Jordan, Nike, Vans, brand-new Balance, Adidas, etc.

Footlocker gift cards space issued by Footlocker. They offer as an alternate payment method, which might be provided to do payment for items top top Footlocker. Either digital or in ~ a retail store. 

Features of Footlocker Gift Cards

1. It uses Variety

With this git card, you room presented with range of options to choose from. Over there is an possibility to mix brands once shopping. 

2.No Expiration Date 

Footlocker gift cards perform not expire, this is very good news, as there is no rush to redeeming the gift map on the platform.

3. An excellent Resale Rate 

The footlocker gift card has actually a high price if friend are considering resale. ~ above a an excellent platform, you should be getting around 250/$ for your $100 – 299 footlocker gift cards and also 260/$ for gift cards $300 above. 

Nike Gift Card 


Nike is a global company the deals in the production, marketing, and also sales of its brand’s product. Few of these products include clothing, footwear, and also accessories. 

Nike Gift cards, therefore, space digital legacy which when redeemed top top the platform, have the right to be offered to acquisition these items. 

Features the Nike Gift Card

1. Acquisition all things, Nike 

With the Nike gift card, you deserve to shop from every little thing Nike. Various other than Nike itself, you have accessibility to NikeWomen, NikeClearance, NikeFactoryStore, etc. 

2. Nike Gift Cards space reloadable

Even as soon as the balance of her gift card is to run low, there is no need for panic. Many thanks to Nike, there’s an choice to money the gift card again, and keep shopping.

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3. Multifunctional 

Nike gift cards can be used to do purchases in ~ converse.com. Exterior the Nike brand. 


With this article, you room equipped through ample details which would help aid your decision in deciding the better gift card for you. Footlocker gift cards market a wider option in terms of brands, however if girlfriend or your loved one, is an ext into Nike products, Nike gift cards would do the trick.