The reason jerky also came about was to fix a problem of maintaining a protein resource edible for long periods the time once food was no available. Dehydrating meat clears moisture so the bacterial or fungal enzymes can not react with the meat which subsequently preserves the from spoiling and becoming good to eat because that a longer period of time.

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What started as a indigenous American process of keeping meat for requirement has progressed into good tasting snack food.

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How lengthy Does Beef Jerky Last?

One that the optimal questions that I constantly am request is "how long does jerky stay good?"

If you monitor the actions below, you can expect her homemade jerky to critical 1-2 month after initial airtight packaging. Once stored in ziplock kind bags in a dark pantry, jerky will last around 1week; In a refrigerator, jerky will last 1-2 weeks.

How to make Beef Jerky critical Longer

Let"s take a look in ~ what results the shelf life the beef jerky and steps you can take come lengthen the time.

1. Lean Meat -

Fat is the opponent when it pertains to making jerky. Fat will certainly spoil fast and also make the jerky walk rancid much faster than it would if over there wasn"t fat. Purchase lean meat and trim all visible fat prior to drying.

2. Cure -

Most advertising producers use a cure consisting of salt nitrite to prolong the life of your jerky come 1 year. This avoids bacteria that can survive in meat the is only dried and not cooked. It is not a need to use a cure and most homemade recipes perform not include one. This is why girlfriend will warmth homemade jerky to 160° F, allowing your jerky to continue to be bacteria cost-free without a cure.

If you want to include a cure in her recipe, a famous cure you have the right to purchase in ~ your neighborhood supermarket would certainly be Morton® soft Quick®. I personally use Prague powder #1 i m sorry I acquisition online. This consists of Sodium Nitrite i beg your pardon will assist in preservation. Once using a cure, you will an alert that it provides jerky the red color you regularly experience from keep bought products. It will additionally alter the taste, providing it that beef jerky flavor everyone is familiar with.


Store in dark, cool places like a pantry. Perform not leaving jerky in direct sunlight as this can cause condensation within the bag i m sorry could result in mold. A small fogging is okay, however if water droplets appear inside your jerky bag; remove jerky and dehydrate longer. Water droplets lets you recognize that the jerky was not dried lengthy enough.If wanting to store jerky for longer than 1-2 months, you can freeze that for as much as 6 months. Freezing can transform the taste that jerky and also I personal don"t recommend it. A far better practice is to make smaller sized batches and also eat in ~ a month or two, quite than making a huge batch and having to lot jerky at once.

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How long Does Beef Jerky critical After Opening?

If you open an airtight bag of jerky, friend will want to consume it in ~ 1 week. Also though it deserve to last 2 month in a vacuum sealed container, after ~ opening, you are going to want to eat the jerky! most commercial jerky bags will state "eat within 3 work after opening".