Honey and water space all that’s essential to do this honey simple syrup. Use it in coffee, tea, or any type of drink whereby you desire the sweet taste the honey.

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Recipe Highlights

Honey syrup is a an easy syrup that’s made through honey rather of sugar. There’s simply two ingredients: water and honey. The water dilutes the love husband making it basic to pour right into drinks, particularly iced because the liquid syrup will easily mix in with the cold beverage.Use it in coffee, tea, cocktails, or almost everywhere you want to sweeten and also flavor a drink through honey.This recipe renders one cup of honey syrup, which can be provided for days.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s a fast overview that the procedures to make this syrup. For complete ingredients and also instructions, scroll under to the recipe.

Put honey and water in a saucepan and also simmer.Stir to make sure honey disappear completely.Take off heat and also cool.Pour syrup right into an airtight container.

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