Tite Kubo’s Bleach is among the most well-known anime to date. The story around supernatural swordsmen in black kimonos is still a hefty hitter ~ above the perform of anime favorites also though the series ended year ago. The series’ key protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, was taken into consideration one the the most attractive characters by female fans, and also of course, it didn’t take long for those exact same fans to end up being heavily invested in the Substitute spirit Reapers’ love life.

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Over the course of the anime, many speculated that Ichigo would certainly eventually discover himself in a connection with the series’ various other protagonist, Rukia Kuchiki, after ~ seeing their bond prosper into what appeared to be an intimate relationship. Over there were additionally others that felt that Orihime Inoue⏤Ichigo’s voluptuous and physically attractive comrade⏤would it is in a much much better fit, due to the fact that she and also Ichigo had actually known each various other longer.

With Rukia, Ichigo’s partnership to the other Soul reaper was strictly platonic. Next from gift the one at some point responsible for transforming Ichigo into a spirit Reaper, Rukia was just there to overview Ichigo and also to describe the intricacies of the brand-new world that she had actually just thrust the into. Naturally, your bond grew and also strengthened native the plenty of battles they challenged together, but neither had actually the time or the interest to check out the various other as a potential soulmate. In fact, for a majority of the time, it seemed that love was the last thing on Ichigo’s mind.

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On the various other hand, Orihime thought around Ichigo all the time, as she had emerged an evident crush ~ above her other teammate. But with so much going on, she never really obtained a opportunity to express her feelings to him. Throughout many of the series, it seemed that Tite Kubo danced about the idea of lock as things by constantly putting lock in life-threatening cases that carried Orihime near to lastly confessing she love for Ichigo. Naturally, anyone watching would have predicted the they would finish up together, yet Kubo wouldn’t finally resolve it until years later on with the 1000 Year Blood war Arc in the manga. 

After beating Yhwach, the manga ends through a 10-year time skip the sees all the Bleach personalities at various places in your lives. Rukia is now Captain of formation 13 and married to she childhood friend, fellow Soul reaper Lieutenant Renji Abarai. Chad is now a famous boxer and Uryuu is a doctor like his father, Ryuken. And also Ichigo? Well, he’s taken over his dad’s clinic and has acquired married to Orihime. Currently a an easy housewife, Orihime pretty lot takes treatment of the house and also their son, Kazui Kurosaki. 

Guess that method the fans who were ~ above Orihime’s side to be right: Ichigo finished up v her after all. Hope they at least made part bets top top it. The was certainly a gambling that would have paid off.