John Cena is primarily famed for two reasons, one gift his wrestling and also acting if others because that his family members full that brothers. Being the second oldest of 5 boys in the family, John flourished up with every one of his brother by his side. While all of the Cena brothers have gained a fair amount of recognition themselves and also thrive in ~ the work they do, they room still mainly well-known as man Cena’s brothers.

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In this article, we will be looking through the life of one of John Cena’s brothers, Sean Cena. Gift the youngest child of the family, Sean is probably the one v the the very least appearance in the media. Yet worry not because we have obtained you covered; simply don’t forget to stick to the finish of this article.

Is Sean Cena A Wrestler?

While man Cena remains among the most succesful wrestlers in WWE history, one can easily expect his younger brother to most likely follow in his footsteps. But that has not to be the instance in reality. His older brother Steve Cena is a puppet artist, and among his younger brothers, Matt Cena is a bodybuilder if Dan Cena is a police sergeant.

Sean Cena’s huge brother John has made a wonderful job from his rings prowess. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

As because that Sean Cena, the is quite much concealed from every the spotlight in the media. The youngest the the group of woman brothers seems to reap his time turn off the media and have his privacy. In ~ this point, that is fairly uncertain whereby his career lies, however it is more than unlikely that he is a wrestler. We, together fans, must wait patiently until additional information comes out.

John Cena’s brothers Sean Is A Cancer Survivor

John Cena revealed a shocking truth ago in 2012 after ~ a linguistic showdown in WWE Raw with none various other than Dwayne Johnson or much better known as The Rock. In the showdown, john Cena came to be emotional, revealing that his youngest brother Sean had actually been experiencing from an inoperable phase 3 mind tumor.

After Sean to win his cancer, man was an ext than thankful because that the at an early stage detection the the tumor, which played a massive role in curing the disease. He also accompanied the project of WWE and Susan G. Komen to advanced the voice against breast cancer. This was a large thing earlier in the day because of men’s restricted involvement. Sean have to be blessed that he was standing up versus his disease and to win the heck out the it.

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Sean Cena Is nowhere To Be discovered On social Media

While many of the human being in the present generation room hooked up on the internet and also social media, Sean seems to have opted the end from the trend. That is i do not have anything to be uncovered on huge platforms favor Instagram and Facebook. So, even if it is he is turn off the rails from society media or more than likely using an alias name. Over there is a Twitter account v his name and also is followed by his brother john Cena but going with it, the account does not look like his in ~ all.