Many women may want to shorten their periods or stop them altogether because they experience painful periods. If your pain is so bad that it stops you from completing normal daily tasks then you don’t have to live with it, you can talk to your GP about your period symptoms. They may be able to offer you advice and treatment to help relieve your symptoms. There are many ways that you can skip, shorten or stop your periods, whether you chose to take medication or try a more natural way.

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How to shorten your period

There are many ways that you can shorten your periods, and as you age you may notice that your periods naturally shorten in length.

If you want a short period you can try:

Taking hormonal birth control – these pills can help to regulate your cycle as well as shortening the amount of days your period lasts for.Having sex or masturbating – this can help to reduce cramping and lighten your menstrual flow, as orgasms cause the uterine muscles (in the womb) to contract, helping to move blood out of your uterus.

Can exercise shorten your period?

Getting regular exercise can have an impact on the length of our period. By staying fit and keeping active you might be able to shorten your periods as well as lightening your flow. Also during your period exercise is a great way to relieve any pain that you may be experiencing, as the body releases its natural painkillers- endorphins.

By doing exercising that stretches your muscles such as yoga, you can help to loosen the muscles in your abdomen, back and thighs which may help to make you feel better while you’re on your period.

How to stop your period for a night

There are medications available that will allow you to delay and stop your period. Our Online Doctor service offers Norethisterone which can delay your period by up to 17 days, but you can chose how long you would like to stop your period for. This treatment is available on the NHS, and however you will need a prescription from your GP to get Norethisterone tablets.

With Online Doctor you can start your online consultation straight away and pick up your tablets from your local However, for your safety your doctor or our pharmacists may want to measure your height, weight and take your blood pressure to check your suitability for the tablets.


Can lemon juice stop your period?

Although not medically supported many claim that lemon juice can shorten the length of your period and lighten your bleeding. Many women also say that drinking raspberry leaf tea helps to shorten their period, as it is thought to tone the muscles of your womb (uterus).

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Why is my period late?

It’s completely normal for your menstrual cycle to vary from time to time, and there are lots of reasons why your period might be late. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant, to find out more about the causes visit our late period page. 

How will I know when my period is due?

You may notice certain symptoms when your period is due, these tend to occur one to two weeks before your period starts, and can include cramps, irritably and a change in appetite.