Mtley Cre bassist Nikki Sixx to be interviewed top top Washington D.C."s Fox 5 about the band"s upcoming co-headlining tour through KISS.


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According to, Mtley Cre bassist Nikki Sixx was interviewed Washington D.C."s Fox 5 about the band"s upcoming co-headlining tour through KISS - called simply "The Tour" - which will certainly kick turn off on July 20 in Bristow, Virginia. You have the right to watch the chat below.

When asked if that had any type of concerns around getting physical worn under by the upcoming three-month mammoth trek through KISS, Sixx said, "I"ve to be worn down for for this reason long, I"ve becom like... We"re favor soldiers, guy - you can"t take united state out now. You perform it lengthy enough and also you realize that you just acquire stronger and you get better - you"re a far better player, much better singer, much better performer, and also you just go. You"re choose a battle machine, to be ethical with you. The much longer you"ve to be around, the far better you get. And if there"s anything the young musicians take away from this, girlfriend can"t look choose a roadie and also be in a f--king band. You"ve gotta it is in in a band. You"ve gotta it is in a absent star. You"ve gotta dress choose a absent star, you"ve gotta play music that"s important, you"ve gotta put a hundred percent right into your lyrics, a hundred percent right into your songs, a hundred percent right into your show, her packaging, your marketing, and also do it. It"s time for brand-new bands to step up due to the fact that KISS and Mtley Cre, Aerosmith, The <Rolling> Stones... We"re not always gonna it is in here. Who"s gonna change us? There"s no one the end there. It"s sad."

Mtley Cre recently entered drummer Tommy Lee"s studio called The Atrium in Calabasas, California to start recording a brand-new song that will certainly be released to coincide through the band"s upcoming summer co-headlining tour through KISS.

Speaking come VH1 Radio Network"s Dave Basner complying with last week"s push conference in ~ the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California come officially announcement details that the tour, Sixx stated around the band"s new track, "We"re gonna play that on tour. We just wrote it and also recorded it. We"re simply finishing mixing. It"s dubbed "Sex" and also it sounds very much like it"s turn off of the first record <1981"s "Too rapid For Love">. And that was definitely on purpose. I"ve been creating very basic riffs for the critical year and focusing on just how these riffs would work for Vince <Neil, vocals>, basically, and also took the in the studio with Tommy and also Mick <Mars, guitar> and the thing just came alive."

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