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Stretch marks are an annoying and unavoidable side effect of pregnancy. This pinkish streaks present up roughly six or 7 months of gestation, and also they commonly stick about after your little one is born. Part women revolve to expensive, chemical-laden creams to banish stretch marks on their stomach, hips, and breasts. Yet did you know that herbal remedies deserve to work just as well? here are nine organic stretch mark treatments to buy or DIY


Coconut oil’s fatty acids easily absorb into the skin. It’s additionally anti-inflammatory and encourages collagen production, i beg your pardon will rate up stretch mark recovery.

How to Use: completely rub coconut oil (such as Nutiva necessary Virgin Coconut Oil; $10 because that 15 oz) top top stretch marks. No should wipe turn off this herbal ingredient afterwards!


The stalky green leaves that aloe vera keep water and nutrients. These components contribute come aloe vera’s healing properties, and its capacity to minimization the figure of stretch marks.

How to Use: If you have an aloe vera tree at home, rest off one of the stalks and rub the gooey insides on her stretch marks. Don’t rinse off the residue. Alternately, you have the right to buy aloe vera gel (such as seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel; $20 because that 12 oz) and rub that onto her stretch marks when a day.

Derived indigenous cocoa beans, super-hydrating cocoa butter seeps deep right into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture. This will certainly fade the appearance of stretch marks over time.

How to Use: use a generosity amount of cocoa butter (like unrefined Cocoa Butter by much better Shea Butter; $19 because that 16 oz) to your stretch marks and also massage right into the skin. Perform this when or double per day—especially after showering.

Thanks to your amino acids and proteins, egg whites deserve to regenerate stretched-out skin.

How come Use: Whisk 2 egg whites with a fork. Use the foamy whites to her skin, let them dry, and then rinse lock off. Follow up through a layer of moisturizer or olive oil. Repeat this process every work (or several times per week) to view results.

You probably recognize that lemon juice can stain her countertops and fabrics. Yet these acidic fruits can also “bleach” big marks native pregnancy.

How come Use: Soak a cotton ball in the juice the a lemon, then let that sit on her skin for around ten minutes. If you carry out this regularly, the herbal acids that the lemon juice will lighten big marks.

The fine seed of sugar work as a natural exfoliant. Scrubbing away dead skin cells have the right to reduce the appearance of large marks, and also it additionally promotes healthy blood circulation (with means increased healing power!)

How come Use: do a homemade street scrub come combat pregnancy-induced big marks. Incorporate one cup the sugar through one tablespoon the the adhering to ingredients: honey (for moisturizing and also tightening), olive oil (for moisturizing and also elasticity), and lemon juice (for lightening). Scrub right into your skin for numerous minutes, climate rinse through water. Repeat one to three times every week.

Olive oil includes plenty that antioxidants and vitamin E. If you use the moisturizing problem to your skin regularly, you might bid adieu come stretch marks over time.

How to Use: Grab her olive oil native the kitchen cabinet. Obstacle it onto her stretch marks and let her skin absorb the moisture. Leave it on overnight, or wash off through lukewarm water ~ 20-30 minutes. Likewise consider warming the olive oil prior to application to enhance blood circulation.

Argan oil has vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, and other nutrient that do skin more supple and less inflamed. That’s why it"s best for minimizing the appearance of large marks from pregnancy.

How to Use: once a day, massage a couple of drops of argan oil (like InstaNatural necessary Argan Oil; $17 for 4 oz) right into freshly-washed skin.

When ingested, turmeric has plenty of services for pregnant women, consisting of the capability to to decrease swelling and inflammation. (Check out Golde turmeric-based commodities here). It transforms out the curcumin—the energetic ingredient in this yellow spice—can likewise treat stretch point out when used to the skin.

How come Use: Mix turmeric flour or crushed turmeric root into water, lemon juice, or coconut oil to form a paste. Apply on large marks when or double a day.

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