I’ve never ever been well-known for having specific sense the smell, yet my opinion is Freon has a kind of sweet smell. I’ve dealt mostly with R22, R500, R-12, R11, and also R410A. They room all chemicals and also therefore have some type of odor. The significant difference in each of this refrigerants is the temperature at which they boil.

The “R” represents refrigerant. Freon is a brand name. A common name for refrigerant that I’m not sure also Google recognizes. Search for refrigerant and you obtain refrigerant, no mixing through Freon. And also vise versa.

R410A is what is provided in modern HVAC equipment. I’ve never ever noticed a distinct distinction in the smell of any of the refrigerants.

People asking Google what Freon smells like:

ammoniagascat urinepaintchlorinesweetacetonepropanerotten eggs

The sweet odor is the just one the I have the right to relate to. But you and I are going to smell the same thing and also have a various reaction regarding what that thing smells like. All the method from sweet come rotten eggs.

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But what the researchers uncovered is the no two world smell points the exact same way. “We found that individuals deserve to be an extremely different at the receptor levels, an interpretation that when we odor something, the receptor that are activated deserve to be very different (from one human to the next) relying on your genome.”


When we’re on roadway trip and pass a dead skunk we will all probably say the was a dead skunk. Yet that was our own personal identifier come what a skunk smells like. If we had to describe what the skunk odor was like, we’d probably have actually descriptions that ranged indigenous sweet come rotten eggs.

Yet, every we can do is compare what things smell prefer with what we understand of various other smells.

This is really beginning to be interesting. I assumed I must do some research study of mine own. I understand lots of civilization that have smelled refrigerants, no in a huffing way.

Bobby said “Musty, ns guess, I try to never ever breath it, Ha, Ha, Ha.”

Nick got back to me right away and his answer was the Freon has sort of an oily smell type of like provided motor oil. And also he stated “no, i don’t think R22 and also R410a odor different”. Nick thought it was a hard question to answer.

My son sells HVAC in Alabama so i texted him and he stated ” i don’t know, I’ve never smelled it, but I just asked 42,000 civilization on Facebook’s HVAC pro Talk group. I had actually to join to find out lock answers, but I can not use been welcomed yet.

I’ll update this later on with some of the answers.

Just obtained a few of the answers. Wow what a concoction of wild smellers.

R22 smells like a fresh bag that chlorine because that pools. R134a smells choose garlicR404a smells choose copper R290 smells like Vick’s vapor rubGreen applesBananasVinyl bandaidsOld Rubbermaid container

Crazy, huh? i didn’t understand copper had a smell, and also bananas? choose I said, my son sent out the concern out come 42,000 Facebookers and I just quit in ~ eight answers, enough to prove a point. Us all smell different.

What Is Freon?

Freon is a gas at room temperature and also a liquid as soon as cooled or compressed. Freon gas is colorless, non-flammable and relatively odorless. Part Freons have actually an ether-like odor.


When most civilization inquire about smells in cars or what walk Freon smell like in house, the likelihood of the odor gift Freon or refrigerant is really slim. Refrigerants space 4 times heavier than air and linger come the floor.

As a comparison, herbal gas is lighter than air and propane is choose refrigerants, the is heavier than air.

Refrigerants additionally have a high volatility rate an interpretation that castle vaporize quickly or will certainly not stay in a liquid type unless pressurized. R11 is an exemption to that due to the fact that it vaporizes or boils in ~ 74.7 degrees F.

Which means it will certainly be in a liquid form with the end being pressurized until it gets hotter than 74.7 levels F. But R11 is not in anything you would most likely own.

So what does Freon smell like once it leaks? her guess is as good as mine, or as poor as mine smeller.

Is Freon attention To breathe In?

Despite what we’ve spanned here and all the opinions the what Freon smells like, Healthline says that “Freon is a tasteless, greatly odorless gas”.

Indiscriminate quantities of refrigerant that acquire inhaled are largely harmless, thank goodness, due to the fact that that occurs quite frequently in simply bleeding refrigeration hoses.

Refrigerant poisoning is no an frequently developing event, other than in instances of abuse. Huffing, or inhaling Freon in an attempt to acquire high. These chemicals can offer the inhaling human being what’s described as a pleasurable feeling.

I had a customer speak to that had a warm pump problem. When I viewed his mechanism I uncovered it to be totally flat or out of refrigerant. Ns pressurized the mechanism with nitrogen and found no leaks. I attracted a vacuum and also still no leaks.

This to be a rental because that my customer and also he knew a loved one of the renter and also suspected him of huffing the Freon native the system. Or he might have just dumped it out of meanness or retaliation for something.

Recent codes have actually made the a necessity to add locks to the service ports of new installations. Yet homeowners that want to defend their an important refrigerant from gift stolen by some huffer can quickly install these locks ~ above there own systems.

You can acquire a look at at these locks ~ above Amazon.


If you have actually a warm pump climate you will need three locks. Wait conditioners will only require two. Together you have the right to see you acquire your own key. Simply remove present caps and also replace with these locks and also tighten through the key.

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Rap Up

So choose your poison. Freon deserve to smell prefer anything you will certainly imagine, however don’t go out and also take a whiff. There’s sufficient evidence right here to understand that Freon has actually a smell and also it’s not important enough to prove her smeller is the correct one.