It may come together a surprised to some, however crazy Uncle Si from of the well-known A&E reality show Duck Dynasty is spoken for.

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Unlike the remainder of his family, that was never ever joined by a significant other ~ above camera, however he has been married because 1971 come a woman who he adoringly calls miss Christine.

During a behind the scene interview with ABC News a couple of years ago, the revealed the he had actually to ask miss out on Christine for she hand in marriage quite a couple of times.

I inquiry this mrs to marry me at the very least 100 times. She ultimately said yes and hey, that’s the finish of the story,” that said.

As any kind of fan that the show, we have actually wondered why the woman who keeps Si in check wasn’t featured in the eleven season run! follow to one interview in Us Weekly, Si revealed that miss out on Christine has a “better sense” 보다 his totality family for picking not to appear on Duck Dynasty.

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The actual reason she has actually chosen to stay out the the limelight is the rigorous filming schedule.

“Sometimes we film 12 hours a day,” Si revealed. “And she’s simply not healthy enough to go v the rigors the that. But, ah, it ain’t no large deal. She wants no component of it anyway. She’s been married to me because that 43 years. The last point she needs is come watch us on a TV show.”

Although the is may be the most popular Robertson, that doesn’t always like gift the facility of attention.

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“Celebrity life is no all it’s cracked approximately be!” the shared. “If I had actually a choice to go somewhere or continue to be home, I’d remain home. I’m a homebody. Christine’s the same.”

Si is additionally a romantic at heart. Because that the couple’s 43rd anniversary, lock renewed their vows and he recorded an entire album dedicated to his “Smokin’ hot Honey.” take a listen to among his song below.


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