If you have actually a latex allergy, her skin or mucous membrane (eyes, mouth, nose, or other moist areas) react when latex touches them. A severe latex allergy can influence breathing and cause other serious problems.

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Latex is make from the sap of rubber trees. The is very strong and stretchy. So it is offered in a many of typical household items and also toys.

Items that may contain latex include:

BalloonsCondoms and also diaphragmsRubber bandsShoe solesBandagesLatex glovesToysPaintCarpet backingBaby-bottle nipples and pacifiersClothing, consisting of rain coats and elastic on underwearFood that was ready by someone who was put on latex glovesHandles on sports rackets and toolsDiapers, toilet napkins, and other pads, such together DependButtons and switches on computers and also other electronic devices

Other item that are not on this list could likewise contain latex.

You might even develop a latex allergy if you room allergic to foods items that contain the exact same proteins that room in latex. These foodstuffs include:


Other foods that are less strongly attached with latex allergy include:


Latex allergy is diagnosed by exactly how you have reacted come latex in the past. If you developed a rashes or other symptoms after call with latex, you might be allergy to latex. Your health treatment provider deserve to use allergy skin testing to watch if you have a latex allergy.

A blood check can also be done to aid your provider tell whether you are allergic to latex.

Always tell any provider, dentist, or human who paint, etc blood from you that you have a latex allergy. Much more and more, human being wear gloves in the workplace and also elsewhere to defend their hands and also avoid germs. These tips can assist you avoid latex:

If world use latex commodities in your workplace, tell your employer you are allergic to it. Continue to be away from areas at job-related where latex is used.Wear a clinical alert bracelet so that others understand you room allergic come latex, in case you have actually a clinical emergency.Before eat at a restaurant, asking if food handlers undertake latex gloves when handling or preparing food. When rare, some an extremely sensitive civilization have gotten sick indigenous food prepared by handlers put on latex gloves. Proteins from the latex gloves deserve to transfer to food and also kitchen surfaces.

Carry a pair that vinyl or other non-latex gloves v you and have much more at home. Wear them when you handle items that:

Someone who wore latex gloves touchedMay have latex in them but you are not certain

For children who space allergic to latex:

Make certain daycare providers, babysitters, teachers, and also your children"s friends and their families know that your kids have latex allergies.Tell her children"s dentists and also other carriers such together doctors and also nurses.Teach your son not to touch toys and other products that contain latex.Choose toys that space made of wood, metal, or fabric that does not contain elastic. If you space not sure if a toy has latex, examine the packaging or speak to the toy maker.

Your provider might prescribe epinephrine if you space at danger of a significant allergic reaction to latex. Know exactly how to usage this medication if you have actually an allergy reaction.

Epinephrine is injected and slows down or stop allergic reactions.Epinephrine comes together a kit.Carry this medication with you if girlfriend have had actually a significant reaction to latex in the past.

Call your provider if you think you may be allergy to latex. The is simpler to diagnose a latex allergy when you are having a reaction. Symptom of latex allergy include:

Dry, itchy skinHivesSkin redness and swellingWatery, itchy eyesRunny noseScratchy throatWheezing or coughing

If a serious allergic reaction occurs, call 911 or your neighborhood emergency number right away. These symptoms include:

Difficulty breath or swallowingDizziness or faintingConfusionVomiting, diarrhea, or stomach crampsSymptoms of shock, such as shallow breathing, cold and also clammy skin, or weakness

Alternative Names

Latex products; Latex allergy; Latex sensitivity; call dermatitis - latex allergy


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