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What much better way come celebrate the Anniversary of Xbox One’s backward compatibility program 보다 by adding a brand-new title to the behind compatible location list. This time, the is the highly asked for fan favourite ice skating 3.

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The popular EA and Black crate skateboarding game was introduced to the game stations 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010 and now has ultimately made it to Xbox One as well. Looking earlier at the previous week, we deserve to say it was a lucky one for electronic Arts since two more of your titles have joined the Xbox behind Compatibility library: Mass Effect and Mass result 3. Considering EA’s energetic involvement in the Xbox One’s backward compatibility program since it was an initial introduced, we can safely assume that there room a lot more awesome title to come our means in the complying with months.

The ice scating franchise is well-known for breathing new life right into the underpants genre and as cherished together the series was, skate 3 further gave the series a little much more prominence by presenting a range of new features. Several of them being dark slides, under flips and also the chance to team up v friends to build your really own ice scating crew and also shape her brand ~ above their way to coming to be a mogul.

To more sweeten the deal, Microsoft partnered v EA for a special offer. Beginning from November 10, the game’s san Van Party fill add-on has actually been available cost-free on the Xbox Marketplace in participating nations until November 20. Moreover, you can also get Skate 3 with a 16.67% discount if you room an Xbox Live gold member, definition that you’ll salary $9.99 instead of $11.99.

It is an excellent to view Microsoft being so committed towards its Xbox One Compatibility program. The firm said it would continue to occupational with their publishing partners to flourish the library the Xbox One behind Compatibility titles, and also promised to store the ar updated weekly when brand-new releases room available.

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So far, there space over 280 Xbox 360 games accessible as Xbox One behind compatible title to play on your Xbox One.