In Fugitive of the Judoon, The medical professional (both the them) said multiple time they remember that they were. Does any of us remember who we were? that we are is comprised of all the moments of our live(s). Even the bits of our life that us don't remember has actually an influence on who we become. Simply as the show runners designed The War medical professional as a medical professional Regeneration that The doctor forgot about, there might surely be another Regeneration the the display runners want us to think The doctor Forgot. Yet going through what's gift in the show, us the fans have a conundrum to solve, _Who is Who_? And, _When is Which_?

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In Fugitive that the Judoon there space references ago to several previous episodes, yet let's disregard the apparent reference come Capt. Jack and also focus top top Ruth-Doctor and The Doctor. It's going to be complicated here with names, therefore let's simply use those name - Ruth-Doctor is the one who began by calling herself Ruth, and also The medical professional is the one play by Jodi Whittaker.

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Oh - and - i cannot continue without spoilers. If you haven't viewed the episode, then walk watch it, and then come back.

The synopsis is the - Ruth is a tour overview living in Gloucester and also is offering historic tours with numerous trivia that Gloucester. Yet then the Judoon display up looking for a fugitive. She husband starts exhilaration nervous and also obviously hiding something. Yet it turns out the was every a ruse. Throughout a confrontation through The Judoon, an additional person teleports themselves right into the scene. That person later transforms out to it is in a Time Lord working for some kind of battle-oriented firm of the time Lords that we might too call The Celestial treatment Agency of big Finish. But before that The Ruth-Doctor and also The doctor head to an exit light house. In ~ the irradiate house, The doctor discovers The TARDIS buried next to the road, and inside the house The Ruth-Doctor breaks the glass bring about some Time lord magic mumbo-jumbo to happen and she remembers who she was. She has actually a new outfit, with garments slightly reminiscent of Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy outfits.

In various other words - The Ruth medical professional at some point knew she and also her partner had to escape and hide. They placed a storage block point on she - simply AS was DONE IN THE TENTH physician STORY Human Nature. In that story, The Doctor and also Martha to be evading detection by a group of baddies. The doctor put himself into a forgetfulness state, hiding himself together a human, v Martha Jones discovering the truth, and under strict orders to keep him safe and to reason him come remember as shortly as he needed to remember.

The technology is dubbed The Chameleon Arch and involves rewriting the genetics of a Time mr body, installation a tardy filter, and instituting a memory block. The objective is to not be detectable. The usage of the Chameleon Arch also requires having actually a maker through which the influenced Time mr will have their memories and also genetics restored. While most of the Chameleon Arch offers that have actually been seen connected a fob watch, this is Time Lord an innovation and surely it deserve to look choose anything. In this situation it looked choose a fire alarm on the light residence wall.

But the conundrum is - We have actually seen multi-Doctor stories in the past, and also The Doctor constantly recognized him/herself. In this case both The Ruth-Doctor and The doctor did not identify the other as gift in your past. Therefore, who is who, who came first, and also who was when?

Either The Ruth-Doctor precedes The Doctor, or angry versa. However neither remembers the other.

Ruth claimed she remembered relocating to Gloucester in mid-December 1999. That's critical time period for The doctor - together it corresponds to when The 8th doctor regenerated in mountain Francisco to fight The understand on new-years-eve 1999. Probably oh maybe the present runners want us to pin the Ruth-Doctor together being associated with The 8th Doctor?

Except, that we understand The Ruth-Doctor cannot be squeezed in between The 7th & 8th Doctors. We observed that regeneration. Neither can we squeeze out The Ruth-Doctor in between the 8th and War Doctor's because we observed that regeneration. Further, throughout that renewal (in The Night that the Doctor) The 8th Doctor called off companions he'd traveled through during huge Finish episodes, and also it's clear the he regenerated right into The war Doctor.

Maybe - oh probably - they are parallel instances of The Doctor. That possibly both were possible 13th Doctor's - since it's been argued that when Time Lords regenerate over there are several potentials that play out at once, with among them stepping right into the shoes. Maybe.

This idea the The physician remembers his/her whole line of vault regenerations and also entire timeline, doesn't that strike you as odd? In Twice upon A Time we saw The first Doctor and also The 12th medical professional go with a most terrific adventure, but which The 1st Doctor completely forgot about. Likewise, in The Time that The Doctor we witnessed The battle Doctor, The 10th Doctor, and also The 11th physician go through one more excellent adventure, and then at the finish The battle Doctor well-known that he would certainly not psychic this, and THe 11th physician recognizing that they to be on some kind of alternative timeline.

For The Doctor, time is all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. So.. Why is it surprising that all of a sudden perform we have two incarnations of The doctor who don't remember each other?

Oh if only Jodi-Doctor had thought come ask The Ruth0-Doctor "who execute you remember together your predecessor?" the would have helped united state considerably.

But there's an additional line of thinking, that The Ruth-Doctor might be yet another Doctor regeneration where the memories has actually been suppressed. We had actually that idea thrust upon us by the visibility of The war Doctor. It's well-known that The 8th Doctor automatically preceded The War medical professional (we've checked out that rejuvenation on screen), just as The 7th Doctor automatically preceded the 8th, since that regeneration was viewed on screen. However, if we witnessed the renewal of The War physician we go not check out who the became. During the time of The war Doctor, he to be deeply affiliated with the time War and all type of crazy things taken place at that time.

Maybe The Ruth-Doctor fits between The war Doctor and also The nine Doctor?

But ...

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This is the internal of The TARDIS together it existed for The Ruth-Doctor. Which TARDIS go it most represent, and also does the interior tell united state anything about where The Ruth-Doctor shows up in the timeline?

On an initial blush, this many resembles The first Doctor's TARDIS. That's due to the fact that the interior at that time was mostly about the roundels, but additionally had part doo-dads and frufru along the walls.

Source: BBC

This is the scene from once The War doctor regenerates. We do not watch who that regenerated into. Yet we likewise see the decor to be not choose The Ruth-Doctor's TARDIS.

But upon reviewing Twice upon a Time we see the internal of the first Doctor's TARDIS us don't watch a lot.

Source: BBC

The design of the console and also the time rotor walk match, however the lift does not match.

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This might be a remote alley of one idea however it does it seems ~ that since the two TARDIS consoles resemble each other, then The Ruth-Doctor is intended come predate The an initial Doctor.