Part the the project application procedure and work setting at disagreement General involves being screened for illegal substance use.

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Below is an extensive information on everything you should know about Dollar General’s policy regarding drug testing and what is expected from project seekers and employees.

Dollar general is a chain ofmore 보다 15,000 range stores operating across the united States. The chain, headquartered inGoodlettsville, Tennessee, employs an ext than 130,000 people.

The company operates as a retail keep that selling a wide range of inexpensive family goods such together foods, drinks, office supplies, decorations, toys, an individual hygiene products, garden plants, and also many more.

Here you will uncover answers around drug experimentation policy in dollar General. If friend have any type of information about drug experimentation in this company - please share the in the comments.

Does Dollar general drug test throughout pre-employment?

There"s no confirmed information the Dollar basic drug test brand-new hires.

Does Dollar general drug test employees?

There"s no confirmed information the the company drug test employees.

What wake up if girlfriend fail your medicine test in ~ Dollar General?

If girlfriend fail a drug test for an market of employment, friend will shed the opportunity to acquire the job. If girlfriend fail a random medicine test for a project you currently have, you will be fired.

How long to reapply after failing a drug test?

There"s no confirmed information. Most likely, you"ll need to wait at least 6 months prior to reapplying.

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Drug experimentation at dissension General

Dollar basic has developed a Drug and Alcohol Policy explained in the Dollar basic Employee Handbookto ensure the a safe and healthy working setting is preserved for every employees and customers. It is likewise meant to defend the company’s property and prevent problem abuse from impacting that is operations.

The policy outlines instances where a drug and/or alcohol test is compelled by the company, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable uncertainty testing. This tests are carried out according to commonwealth law and also to the degree permitted by state laws.

Pre-Employment Testing

The sell of a position at Dollar basic is arbitrarily on the outcomes of a drug test. When applicants expropriate a project offer, whether they are new or rehires, they commit come abide through the company’s password of conduct and also will undergo a drugand/oralcoholtest before they space hired.

Random Testing

Random experimentation is conducted without front notification. This deserve to be done to employee at any given time during their continue to be at dollar General.

Reasonable skepticism Testing

This is done as soon as an employee is suspected of utilizing an illegal substance in the workplace. This may be figured out by the employee’s breath or unexplained behavior.

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Post-Accident Testing

A work accident, which reasons injury or damage to goods, whether brought about by or involving an employee, may speak to for an prompt drug test. This will determine whether substance abuse added to the incident.

Key elements of Drug experimentation at dissension General

The sell of employment will be withdrawn if a drug test comes back positive.All employees space expected to comply with Dollar General’s Drug and also Alcohol Policy.Employees must complete a medicine test in ~ an allotted time framework of 48 hours, failure to which will certainly be considered a refusal to test and will bring about termination.Failure to finish a drug test and administer a enough sample prior to leaving the experimentation facility in ~ the early time of testing is considered a refuse to test and provides grounds for termination.The use of illegal drugs and/or alcohol or the misuse the prescription medicine is strict prohibited while on the job.Any employee utilizing prescription and/or over-the-counter medication that may impair the ability to do his/her project safely is required to inform their immediate supervisor and Human sources so that steps can be take away to mitigate the safety threats involved.