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For the latest cover story from XXL, Nas sat under for an interview, yet it wasn't your typical Q&A. This time, the person conducting the interview to be none other than the Tyler, The Creator. It turned out to be much less like one interview and more like a conversation through the young, rebellious newcomer and the veteran rap star talking around topics ranging from Bruno Mars to God. Examine out some highlights below.

On Bruno Mars:

Nas: "Are we gonna view you and Bruno gunning after ~ eachother with AKs? What's walk on v that?"Tyler: "I don't hate Bruno. I hate his haircut, and also his music pisses me off. Like, you ever been steering in a car, and, you know, you're driving, going with the freeway, and then part fuck boy cuts you off, and also it fucks every little thing up? That's how I feel when I hear his music."

On God:

Nas: "So girlfriend don't think in God?"Tyler: "Nah. I just live life. I grew up in a Christian family, but, you know, the means Mom lugged me up is to, friend know, do you, to constantly be yourself." 

On drugs:

Tyler: "I never had a drink in my life. Ns don't exhilaration or anything.Nas: "You mean, you're simply naturally prefer this?Tyler: "Yeah"Nas: "That's fuckin' crazy." 

On the Internet:

Tyler: ns don't gain on the web as lot anymore. It drives me crazy.Nas: The net is Satan.Tyler: Dude! I claimed the very same thing! I hate Tumblr. You understand what Tumblr is? i fuckin' dislike Tumblr! that shit is evil. I've checked out that shit turn human being crazy.Nas: i don't even know what the is. 

On Nas' upcoming album:

Nas: The album is comes this year.

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Tyler: Is there a details sound for it?Nas: There's a couple of them. "Nasty" was essential for me, you know? To be this deep in the game, come go back to the sound i kinda began on: good beats, no chorus, just rhymes, doing everything I want to do. That's part of the sound come it. The part of the sound come it is additionally me exhilaration out, gangsta shit. I think there's some various other pieces of it that's personal. Different sounds...