Walgreens is just one of the biggest drugstore chain in the U.S., v 9000+ shop nationwide. In addition to its very own brand the Walgreens Gift Cards, that sells a wide selection of gift cards from various other companies and stores.

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If you’re looking to buy a gift card for a family member or friend, you may be wondering: what gift cards have the right to you buy at Walgreens? Here is what I’ve uncovered out!

Gift Cards at Walgreens In 2021

Walgreens sells 93 different species of gift card brands easily accessible in-store only as the 2021. Some notable gift cards the Walgreens sell incorporate GameStop, Xbox Live, Subway, Applebee’s, Red Lobster, Kohl’s, house Depot, and American Express. Denominations come in $10, $25, $45, $50, and also $100 per card.

If you want to know about the full list of gift cards the Walgreens sells, the denominations for each, and whether you deserve to buy these in mass or online, store on reading!

What Gift Cards does Walgreens Sell?

Walgreens sells its very own brand of gift cards at all of its stores. These have the right to be to buy for any kind of value between $5 and $500 and also can be used to buy any type of item or service that friend would find at a Walgreens Drugstore, RXpress, or Walgreens Pharmacy.

These gift cards space not redeemable because that cash, except if friend live in a state that mandates retailers to offer cash as change if the balance in the card falls listed below a characterized limit.

Other than these gift cards, Walgreens sell gift cards native a range of stores. Here is a list of every the categories and also stores you have the right to buy gift cards for:


American EagleBass pro ShopsBirchboxBurlingtonCabela’sDisneyeBayGameStopGapHome DepotMarshallsREITargetWilliams SonomaT.J. MaxxSaks fifth AvenueNordstromMacy’sKohl’sHomeGoodsFoot LockerDSWDICK’s Sporting GoodsBuybuy BABYBloomingdale’sBath & body WorksBarnes & NobleAmazon

Prepaid (Use all over at any type of time)

Vanilla VisaAmerican ExpressVanilla MasterCard

Entertainment (music, movies, and also games)

Apple StoreFandangoGoogle PlayiTunesRegal TheatersSteamSpotifyXboxSony PlayStationRobloxNintendoHBO NowGearbox FortniteDarden Fandango Dinner & MovieAMC Theatres


Massage Envy




Net10 WirelessT-MobileAT&TSimple Mobile

Food and Restaurants

Bob EvansBuffalo Wild WingsCarrabba’s Italian GrillThe Cheesecake FactoryChili’sCracker BarrelDomino’sJersey Mike’sNoodles & CompanyOutback SteakhouseP.F. Chang’sRed RobinSteak ‘n ShakeStarbucksTexas RoadhouseWhataburgerTotal WineSubwaySonic Drive-InRuth’s kris Steak HouseRed LobsterPanera BreadOlive GardenMcDonald’sIHOPDairy QueenChipotleChick-fil-ACheddar’s scrape KitchenBurger KingBonefish GrillApplebee’s

Note the all stores do not have actually the same inventory and also so you may not discover all the above-listed gift cards at every Walgreens locations.

Therefore, you can visit this link and enter your zip code to see the list of available gift cards in ~ your surrounding Walgreens stores. 

What Denominations of Gift Cards deserve to You Buy at Walgreens?


Walgreens gift cards are accessible for any kind of denomination in the selection of $5-$500. You can head end to the check-out counter and have the employee pack your wanted amount into a Walgreens gift card.

For all other gift cards marketed at Walgreens, you will discover fixed denominations including $10, $25, $45, and $50, all the way up come a maximum of $100 per card.

With these third-party cards, you carry out not have the flexibility to select any kind of amount you desire to load into the gift map (since these room pre-loaded).

Do You have to Pay any kind of Extra Fees come Buy Gift Cards at Walgreens?

No, you execute not need to pay any extra fees come buy any kind of Walgreens or third-party gift card. Every you need to pay is the quantity that will certainly be loaded right into the gift map for usage.

The just exceptions below are gift cards native services prefer American Express, Vanilla Visa, and Vanilla MasterCard. For these, girlfriend will need to pay activation charges of $6 prior to you deserve to start utilizing these.

Can girlfriend Buy Gift Cards virtual At Walgreens?

Yes, you have the right to view and buy all accessible gift cards in ~ a adjacent Walgreens keep online with the Walgreens website. However, girlfriend cannot get these gift cards shipped to your attend to since Walgreens does no ship gift cards.

Instead, you have the alternative of choose up the gift cards indigenous the store place you’ve entered, once you have selected and paid because that the gift cards online.

Can girlfriend Buy Gift Cards In bulk At Walgreens?

Yes, you have the right to order Walgreens Gift Cards in bulk through the Walgreens this firm Gift Cards Sales.

This is an especially useful if you arrangement to offer employee rewards, holiday gifts, and also customer incentives top top a regular basis. You cannot order any kind of third-party gift cards in bulk.

To place an stimulate for mass Walgreens gift cards, you have to fill this digital form, acquire it printed, and fax it to 877-925-4767, specifying her payment method and details.

You will acquire discounts based upon the complete value that Walgreens gift cards you room ordering. For example, you will gain a 7% discount top top the invoice if the complete value that gift cards is same to or much more than $200,000.

Which Gift Cards are Not marketed At Walgreens?

Seeing the Walgreens sells together a wide variety of third-party gift cards, you might be tempted into thinking that Walgreens stores will certainly have gift cards from famous stores and services prefer Walmart and Netflix.

However, together it transforms out, Walgreens walk not sell gift cards from the complying with third-party retailers:

Trader Joe’sVictoria’s SecretWalmartCinemark Theatres

Before to buy a gift card from Walgreens, you might want to become familiar through the Walgreens gift card return policy.

Conclusion: Gift Cards in ~ Walgreens

Walgreens sell a wide variety of Walgreens-brand and also third-party gift cards at its 9000+ locations around the country. Walgreens Gift Cards deserve to be found at every store and bought in denominations of between $5 and also $500.

Along with that, Walgreens stores offer a huge list the third-party gift cards such together those indigenous Amazon, Google, McDonald’s, GameStop, Xbox, Kohl’s, AT&T, Steam, Starbucks, Subway, and also much an ext in denominations that $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, and also $100.

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You do not need to pay any type of extra fees for buying any kind of gift cards various other than a $6 activation fee because that prepaid gift cards indigenous Vanilla and American Express.