When you acquisition items like shoes, medicine, or electronics, girlfriend may an alert little silica gelatin pods in the packaging, inviting your dog to make a snack the end of them.

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Consuming the amount of silica generally found in a small (1-2-inch packet) probably won’t perform your canine much injury besides possibly leading to minor digestive upset. If you have a small dog or your pup has actually consumed a huge amount that the stuff, consult your veterinarian.

You might be wondering what happens as soon as your dog swallows apacket the silica gelatin or consumes the stole or charcoal granules generally found in countless pre-packaged items.

Help! mine Dog Ate Silica Gel

Silica gel many frequently shows up in tiny packets — about 1″x1″ or contempt larger. Silica is a desiccant — the absorbs humidity to save items native deteriorating. You will do it usually uncover the tiny crystal packages nestled in shoeboxes, bags, or consisted of with electronics.

Canines will certainly eat just around anything left lie around. If you leavea stray silica packet in ~ the puppy’s reach, he might chew top top it and also makea snack the end of the tiny pellets. Silica is miscellaneous that have the right to have part toxicity to dogs however doesn’t usually reason serious wellness problems.

Fortunately, if your dog is affected, the gelatin shouldn’t cause any type of long-term harm.If her beloved pets samples some silica, your finest course of activity is to store an eye on her. If you notification any symptoms, girlfriend can contact your vet to discover out what your following steps, if any, need to be.

Ingesting the little amount had within a shoebox or clothing pocketmay no cause any problems in ~ all. Her dog may have actually some digestive issues like stomach upset and possibly even vomiting and also diarrhea. If you’re concerned about the symptoms, it’s no a poor idea to contact your veterinarian simply to gain a professional’s opinion ~ above what come do. If you can’t reach your vet, girlfriend can contact thePet toxicity Helpline.

If, however, her dog spend a large amountof silica, there might be an ext cause because that concern. While her dog may not require any kind of treatment, it’s never a poor idea come consult someone through some field of expertise in this area. And making the call can offer you peace of mind.


Another point dogs may gain into from time to time isactivated charcoal or carbon. The stuff is sometimes had in little plastic cylinders contained in package of dog treats, chews, or your favorite beef jerky. The charcoal will not be toxic to her pup. Set off charcoal is sometimes used come induce vomiting in dog to empty their stomachs as soon as they’ve consumed something toxic. However, the tiny amount of charcoal contained in one cylinder isn’t enough to do that.

The danger lies through the cylinder. If her dog swallows it, it have the right to block theintestines, especially in smaller sized dogs whosedigestive networks are narrower and therefore much more prone come obstructions. Also, chewing on the cylinder deserve to lead to damage inside your dog’s mouth. Call your vet if you have concerns around your pet’s cradle or oral health.

What If mine Dog Ate Some various other Kind of Oxygen-Absorbing Substance?

Some dried or pre-prepared foods come with small packets to store them native going rancid (a procedure called oxidization). This packets absorb oxygen to stop or slow down the oxidization process. These tiny pods save on computer carbon, salt chloride, and iron powder. Oxygen-absorbers the don’t have elemental iron probably won’t injury your dog. Non-elemental iron will most most likely turn come rust by the moment your dog consumes it.

However, elemental iron is very toxic to dogs. If the packet in question contains elemental iron, it will more than likely be in the type of brown or rust-colored pellets. They room magnetic, i m sorry is how you have the right to tell them except dyed silica and also other varieties of oxygen absorbers. Due to the fact that of the corrosive properties, this type of iron have the right to do significant harm come the digestive tract. After ingesting it, her dog will more than likely vomit, and also the components may save blood. What’s so alarming about iron poisoning is that symptoms can show up anywhere from one to 5 days after ~ consumption, for this reason you might not know right away the anything is wrong.

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Iron poisoning deserve to lead to serious wellness problems, such ashepatoxicity(liver damage) and shock. Some canines additionally develop metabolic acidosis, which provides the body much more acidic. The danger of poisoning is highest in dog weighing less than 15 pounds. Bigger dogs are much less susceptible come iron poisoning uneven they’ve consumed large amounts the the metal.