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Founded in 1975 through Peter Dooney and also Frederic Bourke, their eponymous brand Dooney & Bourke is recognized for stylish smashville247.nets that have become synonymous v unparalleled quality and fine craftsmanship.

While the label at first only sold vivid belts and suspenders, the soon developed to encompass a line in 1981, with the relax of Dooney & Bourke’s standard Tack Case and Equestrian Bag.

In 1983 the top All-Weather animal leather Bag to be introduced, i beg your pardon featured the label’s signature duck logo with one embossed animal leather font.

Dooney & Bourke smashville247.nets tho remain very popular, through celebrity fans such as Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. However like many designer smashville247.nets v cult followings, counterfeit Dooney & Bourke smashville247.nets also remain top top the rise.

Dooney & Bourke’s guarantee supplies one year that unconditional defense on your brand-new purchase

You’ll climate be inquiry to fill in every these details and once completed, the bag’s authenticity will certainly be confirmed and also verified.

If because that some reason you space unable to discover the bag’s id number, you can alternatively use the product’s unique SKU password to look up the bag format on the Dooney and Bourke website and see if it matches.

Questions around Dooney & Bourke

Is there a Dooney & Bourke outlet?

Yes, there space 17 factory stores situated in Maine, Florida, Virginia, Washington, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, new York, Nevada, and Delaware. Many outlet stores carry a full inventory that Dooney & Bourke merchandise, including smashville247.nets, wallets, and also accessories.

Where space Dooney & Bourke bags made?

Since the agency was founded in 1975, the company has been making bags v a team the designers and craftsmen in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Some manufacturing has been moved offshore. Many bags and purses space made at factories in Italy, Puerto Rico, and also China.

Does ns Love Dooney offer authentic bags?

Yes, i Love Dooney is one outlet store selling authentic smashville247.nets and accessories. The website is owned by Dooney & Bourke and all assets sold space covered by the typical one-year guarantee.

Does Dooney & Bourke have actually a lifetime warranty?

No, over there is no lifetime guarantee. If all assets are constructed to provide a life time of use and also enjoyment, the warranty covers simply one complete year of normal use.

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Does Dooney & Bourke fix purses?

Yes, the firm will repair any bag or accessory the has come to be damaged or worn. The repair price will not exceed fifty percent of the existing retail price for that specific style.