A typical hotel double Room is one elongated hotel room designed for 2 people, though some traditional doubles deserve to accommodate approximately four. The standard double hotel room is easily accessible at many full-service hotels, with the exemption of framework that house only suites or extended-stay guests. The standard double room is appropriate for a brief stay of approximately a couple of days. It doesn’t contain a kitchen, so guests can’t cook their very own meals.

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Some standard double rooms are meant for a couple; these have actually just one queen- or king-sized bed. Other standard double rooms have actually two double or queen-sized beds put side by next a few feet apart. Sometimes households of four with young children who have the right to share a bed opt for the two beds.


Standard dual rooms save on computer one complete bathroom through tub, shower, toilet and also sink facilities. The restroom is offset from the beds, situated in a edge of the room close to the entrance. Standard twin room toilets are regularly equipped v towels, floor mats, plastic water cups, hairdryers and assorted travel dimension bottles that soap, shampoo, human body lotion and also conditioner.

Furniture and also Storage

Standard double rooms usually contain about five piece of furniture. This consists of one or 2 bedside tables, one or 2 armchairs and also a standard work-related desk and also office chair. Some rooms include assorted stand lamps as well. The rooms feature minimal storage space, including a tiny closet near the entrance and sometimes a small dresser. Sometimes you can find one ironing board and also iron in the closet.

Basic Amenities

Standard double hotel rooms come equipped v heater and air-conditioning through in-room thermostats the you control. Castle come v a cable TV complete with pay-per-view options. Girlfriend will additionally have a floor line the you deserve to use to make outgoing phone call — a fee will be included to your last bill for long distance. You have the right to order room organization from the hotel kitchen or consume items from a mini-bar. Girlfriend may also use any kind of other simple hotel amenities, such together a swimming pool or hot tub. Wireless Internet business is available, though it periodically adds an additional fee to your balance.

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