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Android 16:Defeat Android 16 with Cell.Android 17:Defeat Android 17 v Piccolo.Android 18:Defeat Android 18 with SSJ Vegeta.Android 19:Defeat Android 19 v SSJ Vegeta.Android 20:Defeat Android 20 through Piccolo.Baby Vegeta:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Tuffles and also Artificial Bruits Waves).Bardock:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Kakarot and also Hatred the Saiyans).Base Gotenks:Defeat at sight Buu with SSJ Gotenks.Base lengthy Haired Future Trunks:Complete Z-Battle Gate.Base Vegito:Fight Majin Buu vs. Son Buu and let the timer expire.Bojack:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Galactic Warriors and also Seal Release).Broly:Fuse two Purple Potaras.Burter:Defeat Burter through Goku.Captain Ginyu:Defeat Captain Ginyu with Goku.Cooler:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Frieza"s older Brother and Super Transformation).Dabura:Defeat Dabura with Gohan.Dodoria:Defeat Dodoria with Vegeta.Dodoria:Defeat Dodoria with Vegeta.Evil Buu:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Majin Buu great and angry Person"s Bullet).Evil Vegeta:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Vegeta and Scouter).Frieza final form:Defeat Frieza final kind with Goku.Frieza 100% final form:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Frieza Final type and super Transformation).Frieza 2nd form:Defeat Frieza with son Gohan.Frieza 3rd form:Defeat Frieza through Vegeta.Goten:Defeat Adult Gohan.Great Saiyaman:Fuse 2 Purple Potara (Gohan and Transforming Hero set).Guldo:Defeat Guldo with Choutzu.Hercule:Defeat Perfect Cell through Hercule.Janemba:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Psyche Orge and Peoples Maliciousness).Jeice:Defeat Jeice through Goku.Kid Buu:Defeat child Buu with Goku.Kid Goku:Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate.Kid Trunks:Defeat Vegeta.Majin Buu:Defeat super Buu Gohan with SSJ Vegito.Majin Vegeta:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta and Babidi).Master Roshi:Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate.Mecha Frieza:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Frieza Final form Full Power and Reconstruction Surgery).Monster Zarbon:Defeat Monster Zarbon v VegetaMystic Adult Gohan:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 2 Gohan and Elder supreme Kai).Nappa:Defeat Nappa with Goku.Perfect cell Perfect Form:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan Goku and Cell Perfect Form).Radditz:Defeat Radditz with Piccolo.Recoome:Defeat Recoome with Goku.Saibamen:Complete Radditz Saga 100%Semi Perfect Cell:Defeat Semi Perfect Cell through SSJ2 Gohan.SS2 Goku:Defeat Perfect Cell.SSJ Adult Gohan:Defeat Buu.SSJ Future Trunks:Defeat Cyber Frieza.SSJ Goku:Defeat Frieza v SSJ Goku.SSJ Goten:Defeat Goten with child Trunks.SSJ Gotenks:Defeat at sight Buu v SSJ3 Gotenks.SSJ boy Trunks:Defeat Hercule.SSJ lengthy Haired Future Trunks:Complete Z-Battle Gate.SSJ teen Gohan:Complete Z-Battle Gate.SSJ Vegeta:Defeat Android 18.SSJ Vegito (Super Vegito):Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and also Vegito).SSJ2 Adult Gohan:Defeat Buu.SSJ2 Gogeta:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Goku"s combination and Vegeta"s Fusion).SSJ2 teenager Gohan:Complete Z-Battle Gate.SSJ2 Vegeta:Complete Z-Battle Gate.SSJ3 Goku:Defeat Majin Buu with SSJ3 Goku.SSJ3 Gotenks:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Gotenks).SSJ4 Gogeta:Fuse two Purple Potaras (SS4 Goku"s blend and SS4 Goku"s fusion).SSJ4 Goku:Defeat supervisor Android 17 through SSJ4 Goku.SSJ4 Vegeta:Defeat Broly through USSJ Vegeta.Super Android 17:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Android 17 and also Android 17).Super Buu:Defeat supervisor Buu in the fight soaked up Gohan.Super Buu can be fried Gohan absorbed:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Ultimate Gohan and Absorption).Super Buu Gotenks absorbed:Fuse 2 Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Absorption).Tao Pai Pan:Collect seven Dragonballs in Z-Battle Gate.USSJ Vegeta:Fight USSJ Vegeta vs. Boy Buu and enable the timer to expire.USSJ2 long Haired Future Trunks:Fuse two Purple Potaras (Super Saiyan and also Super Saiyan Trunks).Videl:Fight Hercules vs. Kid Buu and allow the timer to expire.Zarbon:Defeat him v Vegeta.Zarbon:Defeat him v Vegeta.Wishes:Get the 7 Dragonballs in fight Gate mode to make a wish.

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