I don't know how to explain it other than like this: ( It has singers "singing" or doing opera on it)

Da da da da -dramatic pause- Da da da da -dramtic pause- Daa daaa daaa dada

And climate it walk a song up and also repeats

And ends pretty epical

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O Fortuna - Carl Orff.

Highly recommended listening come the entirety work. It's even much more dramatic as soon as the opened number is repeated at the end:


Interestingly, looking v Carl Orff's web page on IMDB, it's greatly been used in TV shows and comedy movies (Jackass, The Office, Friends, The X Factor), fairly than the fear that most civilization might associate through it with. A lot of of human being tend to combine it through something favor The Omen, The Shining, The Exorcist, etc., but it was never ever used in any films prefer that

Films often tend to have actually a single composer, fairly than excerpts from different works.


Whether you're a musician, a newbie, a composer or a listener, welcome. Please revolve off your phone, and applaud between threads, no individual posts.

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