Maine-to-Nova Scotia Int"l Ferry
In 2019, Portland, Maine was replaced by Bar Harbor as the united state port because that the worldwide ferry company toYarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. However, the service has been cancelled because that the 2021 season due to the COVID19 pandemic.

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As provided above, the Bar Harbor-to-Nova Scotia quick ferry organization has to be cancelled because that the 2021 season due to the closure of international borders incident to the COVID19 pandemic. That is hope the service can resume in 2022. The information below is native before the pandemic (2019).

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The Cat, a quick ocean-going catamaran car-and-passenger ferry, offered to speed between Portland ME and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, but in June 2019 this company relocated come Bar Harbor, whence it have the right to still take you ~ above a Two-Nation Vacation. More...

Don"t Forget your Passport!

Remember come bring your passport, Global entry card or various other acceptable border-crossing to know document. (Note: a regular driver"s license or bear certificate is not enough for border crossings! More...)

Aboard The Cat

The vessel, The Cat, is a fast, comfortable catamaran car-and-passenger ferry boasting cafés, a cafeteria, movie area, children"s play area, and gift shop.

The Cat under way between Bar harbor ME & Yarmouth NS...

Spend the Night in Nova Scotia

The Cat departs Yarmouth in the morning and also Bar harbor in the afternoon. This means that if you go from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, you will remain at least one night in Nova Scotia. The following ferry from Yarmouth to Bar harbor departs the next morning.

Use this comfortable Hotel search Box to to compare prices and also facilities amongst lodgings in Yarmouth because that the night:

To explore Nova Scotia ~ above your Two-Nation Vacation, girlfriend may uncover it less expensive to rent a vehicle in Yarmouth 보다 to ferry her own automobile between countries.

Driving to new Brunswick

Don"t desire to ship her car, or at least not both ways? pack your passport (or various other acceptable ID) and also drive native Lubec ME to Roosevelt Campobello global Park; or drive via Calais ME into New Brunswick, Canada, and enjoy the charming, exciting uncrowded summer seaside resort city of St Andrews-by-the-Sea. More...

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Saint man NB come Digby NS

You can also benefit from ferry company to Nova Scotia by driving via Downeast Maine to Saint John, new Brunswick, and also taking the car ferry across the only of Fundy to Digby, Nova Scotia. More...

m/v Fundy Rose ferry in between Saint man NB & Digby NS...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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The CAT, the high-end catamaran ferryboat the zooms between Bar Harbor ME and Yarmouth NS Canada.