Headed ~ above a road pilgrimage from Phoenix to Sedona? wonder what to see along the way? below are the top spots to visit on your Phoenix come Sedona drive. Whether you have actually a one day trip to Sedona or a main for her visit, these stops will make her road trip unforgettable.

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I’ve stated this prior to on the blog – I supplied to live in Arizona. I didn’t move there for a project or for school or because that family. Ns honestly moved there because I certain love the desert landscape.

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While life there, i did so countless road trips transparent the state, visiting Arizona desert parks, exciting cities, and obscure attractions. I can honestly speak I’ve seen so much of what Arizona needs to offer!

If you space making the Phoenix come Sedona drive, it’s true; you could easily execute this in a short and also straight 2 hour trip. But I’m below to tell you, the is a mistake! over there is so much to watch along the way.

I introduce taking whole day come road expedition from Phoenix come Sedona, allowing time because that attractions, oddities, and photo stops. Several of what you watch is likely to surprised you.


Unique Arizona

Arizona is among the most picturesque of all 50 states. I know, it is a bold claim. Yet I promise, the the truth! indigenous the tall and also brightly lit cityscapes the Phoenix to the rugged mountains and desert terrain, Arizona sure is beautiful.

The cacti space what really make Arizona unique. Saguaro cacti room the unbelievably huge and prickly cacti the you will watch in numerous parts the the state. Saguaro space only found in the Sonoran Desert, which covers components or Arizona, Mexico, and California.

That’s it! top top the whole entire planet! now you watch what I typical – Arizona yes, really is a special place.

The silhouette the the saguaros climbing increase steep hillsides is photo you will never forget. You’ll check out this, and also much more, together you drive away from the city and also into the desert brush, towards Sedona.

There room so numerous fascinating and also unexpected sights to view along the way. Here are mine 5 favourite stops worth making ~ above the Phoenix come Sedona drive.

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Click on the map above to customize your course in Google Maps.

5 Can’t-Miss stops on the Phoenix to Sedona drive

I need to warn you. If you monitor my advice and also stop at each of this attractions, the drive much more than doubles in time, jumping indigenous two hrs all the means to over 5 hours. This is why i say, allow a complete day (or even more!) because that this sightseeing road trip.

If you’ve never ever planned a road pilgrimage before, or space going it solo, I highly recommend discovering my post on exactly how to setup a roadtrip.

And depending upon how lengthy you stop at every attraction, you will be adding even more time to your trip. Setup ahead and also consider staying overnight if you have never to be here. There is a lot to watch on the drive from Phoenix come Sedona! Let’s gain to it.

1. Camelback hill in Phoenix, Arizona

The very first stop, Camelback Mountain, is situated just external of the city that Phoenix. It’s a famous sight for locals – a giant red colored rock rising out native the desert, shaped favor a camel’s back.


I’ve contained this hill for two reasons.

One, it’s an significant hiking opportunity, with countless different trails that culminate at an end 2,000 foot summit. If you make it come the top, the views are spectacular. Beware that rattlesnakes, and also definitely come prepared for hiking in the desert. Desert hikes room no joke, and you certainly want to stay safe!

The 2nd reason I mention Camelback mountain is that two components of this camel have actually stumped geologists for years. Many of this mountain is composed of the red fancy sandstone that dates 30 million year ago. Confusing together it sounds, sitting on peak of the sandstone is a irradiate colored granite that is a lining billion and also a half years older 보다 the sandstone.

The enlarge rock have to theoretically it is in under the newer sandstone, not on optimal of it – and this granite sighting top top the head and also the camel humps has actually never been solved as far as ns know.

In any type of case, the hikes are beautiful and also it’s a wonderful way to begin your journey out of Phoenix.


2. Tonto herbal Bridge in Pine, Arizona

The second geological wonder top top our tour is Tonto herbal Bridge, which will take under two hrs to with from Camelback Mountain. This naturally developed bridge is thought to be the largest travertine leg on the planet.

Travertine is a form of limestone frequently deposited by warm mineral springs. This particular bridge is located in one area the is unusually environment-friendly in this desert-filled state, adding to the beauty.

The leg is 183-feet high and also is one astonishing sight. There space three hiking trails in the area if you are in the mood, and one that leads you every the means down to an increrdible 400-foot long tunnel.

If you space not in the mood come hike (or if you worn out from Camelback), not to worry. There room viewing clues from over to enjoy the beautiful organic scenery.


3. Arcosanti in Mayer, Arizona

Another 1.5 hours east, Arcosanti is a need to see vision on her Phoenix come Sedona roadway trip. This experimental community was built in 1970 by one Italian architect named Paolo Soleri. In mine opinion, Soleri to be slightly before-his-time, as he to be attempting to develop eco-friendly homes in harmony through nature.

Arcosanti was originally intended to house over 5,000 people, but funding worries stopped the project before it ever before really obtained off the ground. The construction of Arcosanti has a an extremely sci-fi feel. The buildings are exceptionally unique.


Today, student come from about the world to continue to construct Soleri’s dream, no yet reaching completion even 50 years after that began. Tours space available, yet every time I have been here, I’ve appreciated exploring solo and at my own pace.

To learn more about Arcosanti and plan her visit, click here.

4. Montezuma castle in Camp Verde, Arizona

Years ago, i was road tripping the entire state the Arizona and I came throughout this attraction in my research. It to be unlike something I’d seen at the time, and I have a really clear memory of my very first visit.

This cliff populated is fascinating. It has remained mainly intact, in spite of being virtually 1,000 years old. Though called for the Aztecs, this diverted dwelling to be actually constructed by the indigenous Sinagua world who resided in the Verde Valley.


The Sinagua constructed this type of dwelling for safety. Virtually vertical, this limestone cliff challenge offers maximum protection from anyone wishing to cause harm. The “castle” might only it is in accessed through ladders, which – when removed – made these structures practically impossible to scale at 90 feet above.

Montezuma lock is about 30 minute from Arcosanti, and also costs $10 come enter. If you have actually the America the Beautiful national Parks Pass, girlfriend can gain in for free.

5. The city of Jerome, Arizona

There is a many to view in this as soon as booming mining town. A little over a century ago, more than 15,000 inhabitants lived in Jerome, however today only around 500 people remain.

Many Ghost Town kind attractions remain, choose the disc abandoned short article office and also what’s now recognized as the slide Jail.

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The city of Jerome is located on a steep hill. Together a mining town, secret blasts were not uncommon. Among these blasts dislodged the structure of the jail in 1938 and the rest is history. The jail now sits 200 feet lower than wherein it was initially built.