Like mine post around how lengthy is Spam great for opened and refrigerated, ns came throughout another very certain food instance that I required the internet’s aid with.

I newly bought some raw chicken from trader Joe’s before leaving for a week’s vacation.

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When I gained home and was looking to cook something because that dinner, I witnessed that the pack of unopened chicken to be still in the refrigerator. V fear of salmonella and illness, I looked for an point out of whether the chicken was still great to cook and eat, I witnessed that the chicken had actually a sell-by-date the October third — the was four days earlier (It’s October 7), yet what did the mean?

I knew the “Sell By” doesn’t mean I essential to throw it the end immediately, however was the chicken still for sure to eat four days after the date?

Sell by date vs. Expiration Date

The sell-by-date is various than the expiration date. The sell-by-date is an reminder to the grocer/retailer to take it turn off the shelves, however that doesn’t average the chicken is expired or bad, the just way it’s not as fresh anymore.


Most stores take it extra precautions once it concerns food. Considering a $3.42 load of Perdue chicken might ultimately cost not just the seller, however the producer, hundreds of thousands the dollars in lawsuits if other happen.

So they’re much better safe 보다 sorry. Lot like as soon as a physician will phone call you her recovery time is 3 weeks, it’s probably much more like two — simply so you’re no pushing it as well early and also to cover their backsides indigenous a potential lawsuit.

I check out the ‘Sell by Date’ as a indicator of the Chicken’s quality based upon time.

How lengthy is chicken good for after offer by date?

SOOOOOO… v all that details in hand, how long is chicken great for after sell by date? exactly how long is the chicken safe?

Officially, the FDA conservatively claims that fresh poultry (Chicken or turkey) once refrigerated is an excellent for 1 or 2 job after the sell by date. Nine months when frozen. That said, their table additionally states:

These short but safe time limits will assist keep refrigerated food 40° F (4° C) native spoiling or ending up being dangerous.

Of course this are just conservative guidelines. Every situation is a little bit different.

Most web page repeat the FDA’s guidelines that refrigerated chicken is good because that 2-3 work after the sell-by date, but many food sites and forums call out that the sell-by date is a strong suggestion and also take problem in their experienced hands: inspect out what they have to say on chowhound, still Tasty, Spoonful, eHow, an international Post, Yahoo Answers,

The bottom line from all the virtual research? A good rule of thumb is to always smell and touch the chicken, whether it’s one day past its sell-date, one mainly past, or more, if the chicken at every smells “off” or is slimy climate don’t danger it. Throw it out.

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If you’re within a reasonable timerange and you’ve stored your chicken in the frozen fridge properly and your comfortable with food preparation chicken properly, you should be fine.